AlarmoidSchedulerBeing kept up at night by the dreaded TWI (texting while intoxicated)?  Or perhaps you are sick of those 3:00 am phone calls from your buddy who wanted to let you know that “Highlander” was on TBS?  If late night communications are keeping you up at night then Alarmoid may be for you!

Alarmoid is a timer for your Android phone’s sound controls.  It accomplishes this in two different approaches:

  • timer feature-quiets your phone for a certain amount of time
  • scheduler feature-quiets your phone on an ongoing basis

The timer feature is best used through a desktop shortcut / widget.  Pressing the desktop icon brings up a selection of durations of time to quiet your phone; ranging from 10 minutes to 1 week.  As you might expect, the duration of time you select is the amount of time your phone will be silent.  This is most useful for when you find yourself in a situation where you don not want to be disturbed such as a movie theater.

The scheduler is only accessible through launching the application.  It presents the user with the days of the week, which can be individually edited to your preference.  The scheduler would allow you to quiet your phone on a regular basis, such as at night while you are sleeping or perhaps Monday through Friday while at school or work saving you the trouble of doing this manually every day.

Both modes can also be further customized so that you can include a discontinuation of vibrate and / or LED notifications.  You can also incorporate notifications for when your phone emerges from the quiet mode.  This feature is suggested for use as a waking alarm for the morning.  This would give the user the ability to set one alarm which would mute the phone throughout the night, insuring a good night’s sleep, and then provide an alarm to wake you in the morning.

I have been using Alarmoid for a little over a week.  I have found the quick shortcut to the timer both useful and reliable.  At work I have a daily conference call and am always explaining what the various sounds are that blurt out (that Borat text alert isn’t as humorous in this situation).  With Alarmoid, I can quickly mute it for 30 minutes when I jump on the call or even if I forget, after the first interruption.

With the scheduler, I can assure you that I slept through the night without being awakened by an errant phone sound, however, I can sleep through most anything. Therefore, late night emails, calls or what-have-you have never been an issue for me, so I may not have been the best guinea pig.  I can tell you that it works.  I tested it at various times while experimenting with Alarmoid, night and day, and never ran into any functionality problems.  While this feature is not something that I need or would use on a continuing basis, I am sure that it would be useful for others out there who are lighter sleepers than myself.

My overall impression of Alarmoid is positive.  It does what it says and is very useful.  I would not consider it a “must have” application, but for those needing the services it provides, you will not be disappointed.  For now I am planning on keeping it as I have found the ease and functionality of the timer shortcut to be very handy.

Alarmoid is an applicant in the ADC2 and is available in the Android Market for $3.99.  It is currently offered in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian, with Chinese and Portuguese coming soon.

Below is a quick tutorial of Alarmoid:

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