atumble_001Blogging. Most of us do it, and many of us have to do it on the go. Whether you’re live blogging a press event or just posting a pic of something funny you saw on the street, those magic devices sitting in our pockets have become pretty handy.  Having a tumblr blog I decided to give aTumble a try. It’s a mobile version of the popular blogging platform Tumblr and costs $0.99 in the Android Market.

The first thing I noticed about it was that the main screen looks almost exactly like the actual web page. You can make all your standard types of posts except for video – one of this app’s shortcomings. From here the app is pretty straight forward. The settings button brings you to a log in screen which you only have to use once -  aTumble remembers your credentials if you want it to. There aren’t many additional settings either. Pressing the menu button will only bring up 4 selections. You can format your post, make it private, add tags, and choose which of your tumblogs you want to post to.

atumble_002 atumble_003

If you click on the dashboard button it’ll show you all of your friend’s tumblogs, post by post. This is good for quick viewing but there is no search feature and you can’t click on a person’s name to bring up their blog. The My Tumblr button brings you to a screen that lets you view your own posts, but they do not have the theme and format that you use on the main site. This is likely because most people have robust webpages that would take forever to render.

All in all this is a solid app for doing exactly what it says it does, post directly to your tumblr blog from your Android phone.  Yes, I would like to see video posting added in the near future but hey, it’s 99¢.

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  1. Tho it'd be nice to have video uploads integrated in the app, it's pretty easy to get videos from your phone onto yr tumblog: just tell tumblr to import your youtube videos, and upload videos from yr phone to youtube.

    (Not a workable solution, of course, if there are some videos you upload to youtube that you don't also want on tumblr.)

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