App Review: Google Finance

Title: Finance
Developer(s): Google
Available: Now, Android Market
Price: FREE

Lasting Impression: A mobile financial application with a great UI that displays your Google Finance portfolios.

Nitty Gritty: Even though I’ve lost a good sum of money in the stocks I still like to know how they’re doing. Especially when to get back in with the money I’ve been keeping in my mattress. This is where Google Finance comes in to play. It allows you track your Google Finance portfolios as they bear and bull throughout the day. Also, along with tracking your portfolios, it allows you to track the markets and catch up on the market news.

finance_001Now, as I said in the beginning, it has a great UI. Throughout the application all text, graphs, and graphics are easily readable. This is important because a lot of information is displayed throughout the application. There are other stock market applications available in Market that displays the same amount of information but not as well.

Google Finance is a tab based app. There are three tabs that are labeled Markets, Portfolios, and News.  The Markets tab has an easily distinguishable graph of the DOW, S&P 500, and Nasdaq. Along with the graph is an overview of how each market is doing. This includes how much each is down/up and the percentage. Throughout the application a positive gain is green and a negative gain is red, obviously.

The Portfolios tab displays your Google Finance portfolios in one list. Each portfolio is separated in its own group in the list. This is one area where I think more could have been done to increase the app’s user experience. If a person has numerous portfolios then it will display in one long list with no ability to collapse/expand the portfolios. I have seen user submitted apps that handle this better.

The News tab displays the latest market news. That’s about it.  The settings are pretty lackluster as well. They allow for you to continually update the price and to set the default chart time period. All other settings aren’t worth mentioning. The other downfall of the app is when it initially loads. At startup it queries your Google Finance portfolios. Depending on the network speed this could take at least 5+ seconds if not more.

finance_002While the portfolios are loading, the app is unresponsive. I have also received the Android “Wait” or “Force Close” prompt while the portfolios load numerous times. This being a Google application leads me to hold it to a higher standard. So this should not be happening, in my opinion. I do understand, though, that this was created during Google’s 10% free time so its intention might be more for learning. Be that as it may, it is a solid app that has replaced my previous stock market app.

One last thing. Something I would like to see added is the ability to add notifications when a stock has reached a low or high point. This would be most useful to users who are using this to…gasp…track stocks.

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