guardian_004Guardian Anywhere is a mobile newspaper that allows you to catch up with the latest news from The Guardian newspaper on the go. This is done by downloading the content and then presenting it in a lovely looking interface that makes it easy to view and read.

You can set when to download the content by time of day and whether this should be done over Wi-Fi only.  You can “fetch all” whenever you want.  If it is done over Wi-Fi it takes a little bit of time but if it is done over your data connection it can take quite a long time to fetch all the content. I set my download time to be 6.00am and when I awoke the content had been downloaded and a notification icon informed me that this had been done. Quite painless. The download time can be shortened if you take the option to not download pictures or to download thumbnails only.

Once all the content has been updated you can then browse the different sections of the paper. This includes Sports, Music, Top Stories and many more. There is also a picture gallery that you can browse – again these are in different sections. When you click the pictures it displays a little pop up with the text that accompanies it and you can even set the images as wallpapers. I like the galleries as the pictures are of good quality and it is perhaps worth the download times.

Viewing news articles is a nice experience as the article is displayed over the full screen and you can scroll using the volume buttons. You can save articles and you can also view them in a browser if you like. Tags are used so you can search for articles based on their tag. Articles can be shared by text, email and other ways, and this will send a link to the recipient to the article on the Guardian website. I found it quite pleasurable viewing the articles using this app and it felt much nicer and easier to navigate then going to the paper’s website.

I compared the website content with the app’s content and found that it was bang up to date. The same articles appeared on the website’s front page as they did on the app so at least you know you are up to date when you refresh your content. You can also set the app to focus on articles based on country, so you can set the location that best suits you. There is also a section to browse Observer articles which is The Guardian’s sister paper.

All in all, this is a good looking and useful app for those who like to catch up on their daily news and, I guess, have a preference for reading The Guardian. If this app starts a trend for mobile newspapers/magazines then that can only be a good thing, as long as they all look as neat as this. The app has been entered into ADC2 and can be found in the market for free.iok

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  1. Guardian Anywhere is such an awesome app! I'm amazed it hasn't been downloaded very much. The developer is very responsive to comments posted in the market and implemented the download thumbnails only option a couple of other users and myself requested it. It would be great if he or she could do something like this for BBC news or other news sites. This is an app I would gladly pay for.

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