App Review: Guerrilla Bob

Tired of Angry Birds? If so, go try Guerrilla Bob! Guerrilla Bob by Angry Mob Games is the ultimate 3rd person shooter game for Android. Not only does this game become very addicting, the graphics are unbelievable! With three modes to play:

  • Arcade, just like “Story Mode”
  • Mercenary, collect money and buy awesome weapons
  • Survival, don’t get killed

This game does not end there, there is also a “Multiplayer” feature which allows cross-platform gaming! This means you can challenge Mac users, Windows users, and even iOs users. One of the best features in this game it’s that it is not another endless arcade game. There is a storyline which makes this game like a lightweight console style game.


  • Great graphics
  • No lag (on a Droid Incredible underclocked to 800 mHz)
  • Storyline
  • Multiplayer
  • OpenFeint (share your scores across the world)
  • Great controls


  • Navigation Pad (since the pad appears wherever you place your finger, you can find yourself tapping off the screen or too low on the screen)
  • Auto-Aim stopped working
  • Pricing ($2.99) may be too high for some users

So you can see, this game is good but not perfect.  When I was deep into the game, the auto-aim stopped working. This forced me to restart the game(from the 1st level) to correct the issue.  I urge you to download the lite version so you can see how it works for you. You can download both versions of this application below our video review.


Paid Version


Lite Version