To be honest I have never had a huge interest in horoscopes.  Every once in awhile I might check one out if it was offered front and center in a magazine or something, but it wasn’t something I sought out.  When I got the chance to review an app that focuses on horoscopes and tarot readings I thought it would be an interesting experiment.

When you start the Horoscope and Tarot app you are asked for a few details so your sign can be nailed down.  I told the app that my birthday was in August and that I’m a male and in return I was told that I’m a Leo, so far so good.  If a horoscope app gets your sign wrong that would be a bad start.  After entering your basic information you can get down to business.  The app is really split into three different sections.  You start in the horoscope section, but at the top of the screen you find buttons that send you to the other parts of the app, namely tarot readings and a directory of real psychics.

The horoscope section is easy to understand and gives you your reading without any fuss.  When you open the app you go directly to your daily reading.  When your done with your daily reading a dropdown menu offers other types of readings such as: weekly, monthly, annual, romance, career, etc.  The readings you receive offer the usual information you would expect.  I was told often that the moon was shifting into or out of a cycle that would help me do something or see something clearer.  While it’s easy to disregard horoscopes, sometimes I would learn something interesting about myself.  For example, because I’m a Leo I was warned not to be stubborn (a problem I have at times) or be careful about who I’m loyal to.  I just wish that the helpful bits of information were presented more often.  The readings too often get bogged down telling us about the movement of planets or signs.  While someone who is more familiar with horoscopes might understand this, a laymen won’t.  Below your horoscope you are presented with your daily numbers and star ratings that help you know what to focus on that day.  If your love rating is five out of five stars it would be a good day to find a new romantic partner.


My favorite part of the app was the Tarot card readings.  You can gat a daily reading which is supposed to give you information that can help guide you through different aspects of your life.  After using the app for a few days I started to look forward to my tarot reading.  While I did find some helpful information on occasion, mostly I liked learning about the different cards.  You are presented with a three card reading which is designed to give you information on your recent past, current situation and future influence.  In the tarot section the app doesn’t get bogged down telling you about moon cycles and such.  You are given a reading that is mostly easy to understand, but the readings can get wordy and complicated.  I found that the tarot readings could be very accurate at times.  For example, in my current situation I was told that I would be helping someone today, while that person would also be helping me.  It turns out that I had been Christmas shopping with my Mom, we had been helping each other get through our shopping quicker.  The tarot section was easily the most fun and informative section of the app.


The third part of the app is a directory of psychics and websites that you can pay to get regular readings.  I have to admit that I didn’t use this part of the app to get into contact with a psychic, but I did browse through the listings.  I found that there are a ton of options out there if you are interested in paying someone for these services, although the prices can get very expensive.  One frustrating thing about this app is how often it tried to funnel you into this directory.  There are buttons that send you here at the top and bottom of most pages.  It’s obvious the app was designed to get you in contact with a psychic you would need to actually pay.

In my few days using this app I had a bit of fun.  Some of the readings were surprisingly accurate, while others sounded fairly farfetched.  It was something that I started to look forward to using when I wanted to kill a few minutes of time.  I can’t say that I will use this information much in my daily life, but I wouldn’t fault you if you did.  The app itself is basic in design, but very easy to use.  I wish the app designers added something like a wiki so you could learn more about the various planet cycles or tarot cards that are part of a deck, but I guess that’s what the internet is for.  Overall, this is a fun app to tryout for a few days or to use to kill a bit of time.  This would probably be a good horoscope app for beginners, but others who are more experienced could probably find a better option out there.

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  1. I think the app sucks. It’s all of the writing from what used to be Addicted to Astrology. I know because my friend wrote those names and all of those moon signs. My friend is laughing now though cause her work was stolen and now she just steals the top astrologers. #taurussquad #nogoals #notfamous #neverwillbe

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