kumpa_titleK’UMPA is a good “waiting” game. By that, I mean it is a great play when you are waiting for anything like a doctor’s appointment, an airplane, etc.  My 16-year old son and I both downloaded this to both a G1 and an mT3G to try it out.  While we found the game to be just a bit slow and jerky, it was nothing that really slowed play down.  

The game starts off by allowing you to choose  between sound or no sound, which is handy depending on where you find yourself.   The object is to get the the ball to roll over the tiles to turn them blue.  You need to watch out for arrows that are headed in the opposite direction as the ball will be resisted until you roll over an arrow pointing away from you.  When you finish turning all of the tiles blue, the level is completed and you’re then onto the next.  There are plenty of pitfalls and bumpers to keep you entertained.

Once you select play you will see what look like miniature pyramids or monuments.  Since this game ramps up the level of difficulty the first hall is Super Easy by default.  It’s mainly for practice although you need to finish those levels to get to the Easy, Medium, and Hard.  The game uses  a countdown clock in the upper right corner so it’s definitely a welcome bonus when you pick up time tokens.

A cool feature is the haptic feedback you get when you bounce off of different obstacles in your way much like a pinball bounces back when it hits bumpers.  The device will vibrate when you get bumped.  There is also an Explore feature accessible from the main Maps screen that shows you extra maps that can be downloaded in Android Market.  A coming feature also looks to be an option to create your own map and share with other K’UMPA players.  Another bonus: when you have to leave the game,  it saves the last map you finished which is helpful throughout the maze.

All in all, I recommend this game and enjoyed playing it.

NOTE: This is a preview copy of K’UMPA – It will be available shortly

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