phoneflicks_browse_addI am a huge movie fan and I am always on the lookout for a title to add to my Netflix queue. I’ve been in many situations with fellow film fans and really needed to add a movie or even just remember the title, but I couldn’t unless I had my laptop handy. With PhoneFlicks this isn’t a concern.

The application makes it very easy to add items to your queue and change the order of items in there already. It also serves as a quick way to see a list of top new releases. The interface is polished and laid out logically–everything seems to be there. All of these features for the price of FREE is a hard deal to pass up. However, the app has a few flaws that give an edge to going to the site using your mobile browser.


phoneflicks_searchThe biggest flaw in its operation is the almost crippled search function.  You’ll need to know an EXACT word in the title to get a return. I like to search based on actor, actress or even director but I can’t do that with this application. This keeps hidden gems or associated movies from finding their way onto my list, as even a genre search yields nothing. If you like certain genres or want to plan a marathon you can’t do it here.

Another minor gripe of mine with the application is the lack of the ability to rate movies on the 1-5 star scale. This is a small issue, as the application does allow you to see any written reviews you’ve done.

Adding items to my queue and the type of searches I like to do regarding my Netflix account can all be met via the very capable browser on any Android handset. This application is just another that cannot beat the experience you get from a browser. I’ve seen this trend a lot on many mobile applications, they are just very watered down interfaces to websites. Hopefully the developers can turn the tide in another version or two. For now, I suggest you save the space on your handset.

  • This App Was Tested Using: HTC Hero CDMA OS version 1.5
  • Presentation: Nice and polished, it appears to go deep enough.
  • Value: Free isn’t always better, sometimes there doesn’t need to be an app for that.
  • Stability/Resources: I saw no force closes but did see a few 404’s, those are probably on my side.
  • Bottom line: Has potential but needs to really step it up.
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