Given a typical day, there are a stream of updates and messages coming to our Android Devices. Calls from friends, co-workers, clients, and numbers we don’t know. Often, we can’t pickup to answer, but want to simply let them know we will get back with them, or to call later.  If this sounds like you, you might want to check out PhoneTell.  A clever, smart Android application for communication. It’s great.

Some of PhoneTell’s great features:

Inbound Call Assistant:

  • If the person calling is not in your contacts, it will perform an instant reverse lookup for the phone number and will even display it if it is a telemarketer.
  • If the person is calling from a mobile phone, and you decline or miss the call, there is an option to send an immediate text back.

You can create custom messages up to 135 characters. I think this is such a handy feature. So many times I mean to text someone to call me back and I get sidetracked. With PhoneTell, it’s easy.

Enhanced Directory Search:

This feature is integrated right into the Dialer screen.  Some place it should of been all along. This way, you can search your contacts, with your Google or Google Apps account, account, or account. Now, this is where it gets good. You can also from the same search button, put in Mexican food, hotel, Enterprise, or even DirectTV, PayPal, Amazon, Apple, eBay, IRS, and more. Yes, even these hard to find numbers have been recently added to PhoneTell search database.

Now of course this will use GPS for your location. You can also set your location so if you want results faster, it will always check your default location.

I really like the simplicity of the app. Click search in dialer for internal contacts, external accounts, and searches for pizza. I thought this was so much easier than having to use multiple apps. Also having PhoneTell show me who and where someone is calling is nice. I know there are other apps that do this feature, but having one app with a company that has great support makes this an app I highly recommend.

It works with Google Voice and the voice recognition built into many of your Android devices. Checkout their website for more information or try it for yourself with the QR code below:

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  1. I have had this for about 6 months. It only gives caller info for contacts already have. New calls you always get No Information Found”. Now with 2.2 on Droid it crashes almost every time the phone rings.

    What would be nice is if it would tell you its a mobile number so you can send a text. Can’t send to land lines. In business this is over 90% of my calls.

    • HOUGuy,

      Beginning late August we began significantly improving our reverse lookup percentages. As of this week, across the board, we’re now roughly 92% of identified. Of course, this does include the ones in your address book.

  2. can I set it to answer all calls with a text, say I am in a meeting and I want all callers to know I am in a meeting and to call me back at say 1pm??


  3. This is another one of those programs that I would _love_ to use, but I refuse to install it.

    It asks for entirely too many permissions on the phone.

    Why would this application need to add or modify my calendar? From the comment above, I can deduct that there is no functionality to auto reply, so why even read calendar events.

    In the same respect, why does it need to know my location?

    “write contact data”?

    I understand and expect “full internet access”.

    Why would it need to use my authentication of my accounts? My contacts are already stored on the phone….

    “write Access Point Name settings”? I think that means add SSIDs to my settings? Why…?

    And finally, (hidden under “show more”) disable keylock, install shortcuts, kill processes, uninstall shortcuts.

    That’s just way too many permissions for a program that should only need to read my contacts, and access the internet…

    • I understand your concerns about this, but we’re requesting permissions for things that hopefully you want us to do. For example:

      – Location: if you want to find a local business or person, we need to know where you are.

      – Write contact data: we’re integrated with your contact and phone functionality, so if you want to edit contacts within PhoneTell, we need permission to save your changes.

      – Authentication: that’s optional. If you want to link certain accounts, we’ll look for contact info for those accounts.

      – Disable keylock et al.: those are so we can control the app from within the app. When you install the app for the first time, we’ll check to see if you have space on your home screen for a PhoneTell icon. if no room, no shortcut. We might need to uninstall our own icon before we reinstall it. The SSID is for access to your linked accounts (if you have them), since we want to make sure we’re linking correctly.

      Everything we’re asking for is because our app touches some function that prompts a Google listing. We’re not doing it to be sneaky or to steal your info. It’s just that PhoneTell is integrated and has a lot of functionality.

  4. Hey AndroidGuys! You really should link your QR codes to the real market link so we can click through when reading from our phone or use ChromeToPhone to get the market link!

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