Caller ID has become a basic feature that we’ve all come to expect in our mobile devices, and while carriers offer it as one of their “added features” there always seems to be room for improvement.  It either doesn’t offer enough information, or it depends on you to enter information into your devices phonebook which is then displayed on screen when you receive a call. Well, we all know this isn’t “true” Caller ID, so we are left to search for a complete solution elsewhere.  Enter Privusmobile.

privus_caller_id pivus_options Privus’ Mobile Caller ID promises a caller ID solution that offers the name and number of the caller, even if they aren’t entered into your personal phonebook.  The installation and set up was very simple.  In fact these two images show the only option available within the application.  You can choose whether or not you want it to automatically save the callers information in the apps own phone book.  If you’re asking why Privus would include this option when it’s exactly what the current caller ID does you’re not alone.  This application gets the callers information from the internet, which offers its own set of problems, namely the speed at which the information is displayed on screen once a call comes in. 

During my usage the app didn’t display my caller’s information until after the call had gone to voicemail.  Not exactly what you’re looking for in a caller ID app.  To be fair the vendor’s website does state that it works best over 3G or Wi-Fi networks, so I tested it over my Wi-Fi connection.  Unfortunately, this speedier connection yielded the same results.  The caller’s information wasn’t displayed until after my phone stopped ringing.  After the call has ended you have the option to add it to the apps phonebook, and you can even choose what type of number its stored as such as home, work, or mobile. 

I really like the idea behind this app, and I can’t wait to try it out over a 3G network.  It would really come in handy if you’re traveling abroad, or for screening telemarketing calls.  With a little optimization regarding the speed at which the data is presented to your phone this could be a must have application, so for those of you in rich 3G network areas give it a try.  As for the rest of us still running EDGE, you may want to wait for an update to this app and your network.  

Current cost for this is $16.95 for a 3 month subscription in the Android Market.  Order through our store and save 15% in June!  USE PROMO CODE privus15

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