search_settingsI am a big fan of applications that do a lot and need little to do it–basically, high-impact, low-maintenance apps If you are like me you will enjoy the QSB addon applications by Arno den Hond.

The Quick Search Box widget is a pretty useful tool in and of itself, but adding these applications turns the QSB into a calendar portal, currency converter, calculator, web site shortcut and twitter tool all in one. Installation is a breeze with only a quick modification to your search settings to make sure the apps are called from within the QSB. Once you add the app(s) of your choice in your search settings you can start using QSB to search for more than just contacts and web information.

Search Calculator
Instead of launching the calculator app simply type in your equation in the QSB. The answer shows up without a single click.

Search Currency
You like that new app you found in the Android Market but have no idea how much 4.99 euros are in American dollars. Type “4.99 euro to usd” and you have your answer.  Once you set your defaults you only need to type “4.99 euro” and you get your answer!

Search Tweet
Need to quickly update your throngs of followers? Simply type out your update in the QSB and click on “Send Tweet”. No need to start your Twitter app. Although, Twidroid is required.

Search Url
Typing “Wiki Lakers” in the QSB without the Search URL app will take you to the traditional Google search results screen. That would require you to click on the link of your choice. Typing “Wiki Lakers” in the QSB with the Search URL app installed brings up a link that takes you directly to the Wiki page all about the LA basketball team.

Search Calendar
Simply type out the day, time and event and Search Calendar will give you options to add the event to your calendar. If you have multiple calendars each one is displayed–very handy.

I only found a few issues/quirks with the apps.

  • The Calendar app didn’t like the word “tonight.” If you are adding an event on the same day use “today.”
  • Search Tweet seems to require the paid version of Twidroid. Still waiting on definitive word on this from the developer.
  • The final quirk is best explained by the developer himself: “The QSB needs to be ‘trained’ into showing the ‘results’ of my apps on the initial list. After the tool has been selected ~5 times from ‘more options’ it will be shown immediately and the usability is greatly increased.”

That is less a function of the OS than the application but it does have to be understood. When you first use the applications all you will see is an additional “more results” button following your search results. Clicking that will bring up calendar, currency, calc, etc. After selecting this enough times the OS begins to bring it up without being prompted. Like Arno den Hond explained, once “trained” the application’s usefulness is greatly increased!

  • This App Was Tested Using: G1/Dream on Android 1.6
  • Presentation: This is as no-frill as an app can get. Once you get the idiosyncrasies it simply works.
  • Value: Search Currency and Search Calculator are both free. Unbeatable value. The others are available for €0.99. I’ll let you download the currency converter to get the price in dollars! Hint, its a good price point for the apps.
  • Stability/Resources: This high-impact app is very low maintenance. No lag, no battery drain, no force closes during my testing which spanned almost two weeks.
  • Bottom Line: I have grown to rely on this suite of apps. I use calculator and calender more than the others but have found a need to use each over the two weeks I used the apps. Definitely worth a look and certainly recommended!  Search QSB Apps gets a solid 4 from me.
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  1. Thanks for the very detailed review! The only question I'd have is where does the application get it's currency conversion rates? These are always changing, and some sources are considered more reliable than others.

    • Thanks for the comment Davest010! Per the developer it all comes from Google Finances currency converter. Great question. I should have added that tidbit of information — sorry.

  2. Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions for other apps which could accept new data through the quick search box? Solutions that work well are ones that require unique input each time.

  3. he only question I'd have is where does the application get it's currency conversion rates? These are always changing, and some sources are considered more reliable than others.

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