App Review: The Settings Menu

This review will give a full in-depth analysis of the highly acclaimed Settings Menu available now for Android. The Settings Menu has been through many changes and updates since Android was first released.  I will take a closer look at the various functions and features as they pertain to both consumers and developers.

Developer Support

The Settings Menu has been through 5 updates since it’s first release. With each update the application continues to get better with ever better features. These updates in themselves attest to the developer’s devotion to make it an application that no Android user can do without.

Top Features

With features such as the ability to adjust screen brightness, enable/disable WiFi, factory reset, and even a graceful ejection of the SD card feature I wonder sometimes what we did without this app before. I have discovered that while I don’t spend countless hours playing with alternate time-zones and speed running the system tutorial, I do visit this app at least once a day which gives it a special spot on my home screen(Not everyone gets a spot!).


I can’t sing the praises of Settings forever as some things could be improved. I’m not a fan of the list view employed by this app. As a developer I see value in keeping a consistent UI but I feel as if I am eating out at a restaurant when searching through the “black list abyss”.

Settings: “Welcome to Good Android Eats restaurant, here are your giant bible sized menus, I’ll be back to take your order.”

Me: Some time later… “I would like one order of “Aqua” style Ringtone.”

Settings: “Sir, allow me to play you a sample of this loud and annoying ringtone without your permission so that you look like an idiot to all the people around you.”

Me: “That was inappropriate but now I would like an Open Wireless Connection to mooch free internet access from.”

Settings: “Oh well that’s not in this Menu, you need the ‘other’ menu, let me get that for you.”

I just feel as if the UI could have been designed to be more efficient.

Market Popularity

Among anything that is wrong with this app, the most odd is that it is not available for download from the market. I feel the developer could tap into a much larger population if they were to release it there. It could also be possible that they want to keep this application for elite users who search it out. I have never heard it  coined anything along the lines of “the fabled settings menu,” but Android’s best kept secret is that all Android users do have access to this exciting application. I’m weary to write the secret in this article for fear that the Bury Brigade may show up at my door.

Secret Location: it eez heedin in da mian mneu and marked wit a tools icon.

Final Verdict

I suggest this app to users who are fans of WiFi, Bluetooth, Security, and System Tutorials. If you are looking to share pictures of cute cats you will find none of this here, Settings is a down to earth stand-alone app that gets the job done without force closing and apologizing for the inconvenience. I say cheers to the infamous Settings menu and it’s developer of unknown origins, you make one hell of a sub-standard application!

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