ShuffleTone options_mainShuffleTone is great for anyone who wants to spice up their text and phone ringers. It is brought to us by the guys over at DizWare.

ShuffleTone allows you to select a list of songs/ringtones to play. When you receive a call or text message, it chooses one of your selected songs from your list and plays it as the ringtone. If you’re like me, then you get far more text messages than phone calls. I set up my ShuffleTone to only do text messages because of this, but it can do both. ShuffleTone allows you to choose media that is saved anywhere on your device, internal storage, or SD card. It doesn’t have to be organized at all, as long as you can navigate to the file then it will put it in the lineup for you.

The level of customization is great too. The options section gives you two choices: to shuffle only after the current ringer has played a certain number of times, or shuffle based on time (every hour, two hours, etc…). If you are using full length songs for your tones, there is an option that sets how many seconds of the song gets played. This is so you don’t have to edit your songs into smaller files to use them as ring tones. One of the newer features is the option to blacklist contacts. Blacklisting turns ShuffleTone off for those contacts, so that if you have a ring tone set for that contact it will play it instead of a random one. The last big feature is to save and load profiles so that you can store and recover different sets of tones whenever you want.

ShuffleTone_TextToneShuffleTone_TextTone choose songs

I’ve used it for a few months now and love it. Before I found ShuffleTone, I had thrown together a quick and dirty app that basically did this for me, but it never worked quite right. ShuffleTone works efficiently, and the developer is active in their updates. There are great new options and features being added with every update that gets rolled out. The updates and the quick, and clean UI make ShuffleTone one of my most prized apps. It was one of the first that I reinstalled when I upgraded from my g1 to the MyTouch 3g. If you’d like to try it out, simply scan the QR code below! Remember to disable your current ringers or both will play.


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