myscreenshot gamplay 3I have been watching this game since it was first available on the market, so I’ve seen the many improvements that have been made to it. At first this game was way too hard to beat. After only a few user comments, the developer started taking action. At one point he was releasing a new update every other day, adding features such as:

  • Audio options (two soundtrack songs and the option to mute which can improve game performance) Improving enemy flight patterns
  • Option to select easy or hard game play
  • Levels
  • Two bosses (one about half way through the game and the final boss)
  • Easier setting for beginners
  • Additional “power-up” options within the game

This game has hit 50,000-250,000 downloads and has 2734 user market reviews. It currently holds a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Now that the facts are out of the way. Here’s my pros & cons.


  • Beautiful 2D graphics (Polished and clean)
  • Level of play options (standard and easy)
  • Firing is automatic. (Letting you play the game instead of rapidly hitting a fire button)
  • Entertaining (A great time waster)
  • Use the touchscreen or the trackball for control
  • Developer listens to his users and makes changes to accommodate


  • Can be hard to beat the game on even on the “Easy” setting
  • Game can freeze during game play (likely caused by background processes on my G1. Turning off music helps.)
  • Using trackball for controls isn’t a smooth experience (recommend using touchscreen controls)
  • Enemy fire can be hard to distinguish as the game progresses

My final thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed playing this game. I think the graphics are very nice and polished and the soundtracks compliment game play. I wish that the game was a little easier though, but that might defeat the point. It’s not that big of a memory hog for those who are limited on space. I’m looking forward to see what Thye Chean releases next. So if you want an action game that’s entertaining and will challenge even the best gamers, check out Space War.

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