Title: Tippobillosplitamus
Developer: Exitloop
Available: Soon (Android Market), Now (Exitloop)
Cost: FREE for 10-day trial, $2 for full app

Lasting Impression: A fresh take on the same old, same old.  Clean, easy to navigate interface makes it stand out from all the other bill splitting and tip calculator applications we’ve played with so far.  Not short on options either.

The Nitty Gritty: Everybody has played with tip calculators at one time or another, regardless of platform.  Going out to dinner with a handful of friends used to be a headache when it came time to splitting up the bill, with or without factoring in tips.  Exitloop‘s Tippobillosplitamus (Tip-O-Bill-O-Split-Amus) puts a new twist on bill splitting and tip calculation.

The first thing I noticed about this app was that it looked much more refined and polished than your run-of-the-mill tip programs.  It’s obvious that time was taken to make sure it looks as good as it works.  Each screen has a good balance of detail and simplicity, never looking cluttered.

Ever go to split up a bill with a handful of friends only to find out that one of them has $6 on him when each person is supposed to cough up $15 each?  Tippobillosplitamus makes it easy to recalculate on the fly.  Once you tell it how many people you are dividing the bill by, you can put in actual amounts per person, adjusting for those who overpay or don’t have their share.

Another feature I’ve yet to see implemented in other bill/tip apps is the way Exitloop helps you to decide how much to tip.  You’re given three medals to choose from – bronze, silver, and gold.  At 10%, 15%, and 20% respectively, you simply pick the one you’d give the staff based on their services.

I was really impressed with the options available in this program.  One of the common problems I run into with tallying up a bill is trying to round it to the next dollar amount when I go to pay with a credit card.  I hate to see random amounts on my statements if I can help it.  Users are given the choice as to whether they want to pay by cash or credit, yielding different amounts for each.

Android fans not living in the US will be pleased to see that the dollar is not the only currency listed.  Also supported are Pounds, Euros, and Yen – useful for when traveling abroad.  Another thing that varies from place to place is whether or not there is tax on drinks.  Tippobillosplitamus allows for multiple tax instances like food and liquor.

There’s a 10-day trial period for this app with a $2 fee if you’d like to purchase it.  As I said above, there are plenty of other tip calculators and bill splitters out there.  Based on looks and options, Tippobillosplitamus is well worth the two bucks.

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