App Review: Trip Journal

The following software review was conducted by “Royalness”, an avid  follower and occasional AndroidGuys guest writer.  Here’ he takes a look at an application called Trip Journal, which was the winner in the Travel category for the Android Developer Challenge II.  Trip Journal is the ultimate trip tracking, recording, documenting and sharing solution that is currently available for iPhone and Android powered smart phones.

When I come back from a vacation, I always find that I have taken a couple of hundred pictures, which I simply dump on my computer, to never look at again.

Trip Journal tries to make documenting your vacation experiences more interesting and more social.

With Trip Journal you can:

  • Create/name trips/vacations
  • Track your GPS route
  • Add waypoints/place marks
  • Add pictures
  • Add notes
  • View trip progress on google maps
  • Get statistics on distance traveled, speed, altitude
  • Share/export/save your trips in KMZ files (google earth format) or to Picasa or Facebook

Mobile phones already have distinct advantages over most regular camera’s with regard to trip-documenting in that you always carry them with you.

They have also become more like mini-computers with which you can edit text, add GPS co-ordinates and connect to the web.

Combine this with the fact that camera’s on Android smart phones keep getting better and better (Droid and Experia for example) and you can clearly see that the future for documenting and sharing trips lies with apps like Trip Journal.

Besides the concept, I also found that the implementation was done very professionally (as you would expect from a competitive iPhone developer like iQapps). The UI resembles a leathery travel diary where one would glue pictures in and add notes and descriptions to. The app is also very reliable in that it never crashes, which is, in my opinion, exactly what one would expect from such a travel companion.

Trip Journal has used current day technology to fulfill a classical demand for documenting and sharing experiences and has done this in a way that can only be described as “AWESOME”.

I recommend everyone to at least try the lite version or buy the full version. The full version is 2,99 euros. Check out their site for Trip Journal

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