Title: Twidroid
Developer(s): Ralph Zimmermann & Thomas Marban
Website: www.twidroid.com
Available: Now, Android Market
Price: FREE

Lasting Impression: The “Go To” Android Twitter app that makes it so you never have to visit twitter.com.

twidroid011Nitty Gritty: With the reports that Twitter saturated this year’s SXSWi, it would be no surprise droves of new-comers will be flocking to the service. If you are such a person or even if you are a twitterciple, then you need look no further for an app to handle your twitter needs. Twidroid comes with every feature you could think of from retweeting, direct messaging, posting pictures, marking a favorite…I could go on but I’ll just start with the review.

Immediately upon opening the app, you are presented with the latest messages complete with avatar, display name, software used, message, and a button to access tweet options. You can control the number of tweets presented through the Settings so if you don’t want to see the last 250 it can be narrowed down the last 50. I would suggest keeping the number low especially if you are not on 3G. Although, it still does not take long to load if it is set at 250. Links to pictures or URLs can even be clicked to navigate to those sources.

At the bottom of screen are options to create a tweet, see @s, refresh the results, and send a direct message. When creating a new message, you have the option to import a picture and insert your current location. In the upper left of the title bar it even has a character countdown to let you know how many of the 140 characters you have left. The part I find most exciting is the ability to include a picture. You can choose from one already taken or open the camera through Twidroid and then import it. The settings allow you to choose which photo hosting client to use (Phodroid or Twitpic) and the picture quality (Low, Medium, and High). And once you decide to submit your tweet, it informs you of the upload status. All very user intuitive.

twidroid02The last part I want to cover is the Settings. Nothing was left out. Starting with background notifications you can specify what to check for (tweets, replies, direct messages), how often to check (higher intervals conserve the battery), what to do when you receive a new message, and what to display. Again, nothing was left out. The settings continue with display options, cache options, many more. All of these combine to give the user full control over how they want Twidroid to act and how briskly or leisurely to consume your battery.

Before downloading Twidroid I was a real twit who had never tweeted. Now, I’m updating friends and family constantly with pictures of what I had for lunch and thoughts of the day. Very important stuff.

The developers are constantly adding new features so this is one app that will never become stagnant.

Thanks to Darrel for providing this review of Twidroid!

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  1. Keep an eye on your battery. I kept scaling back the polling frequency and eventually turned it to manual in an attempt to increase by battery life. It could be coincidental, perhaps my battery drained simply because incoming Tweets made me check my phone much more often but I eventually uninstalled Twidroid to avoid having to charge my phone in the middle of the day.

  2. I love twidroid. When it first came out it was so basic. I made suggestions through feedback and throug emails. I feel as though they really listened to me because everything I suggested, they added. I check out other twitter apps when they come out just to see what they look like and I end up uninstalling immediately. Twidroid is far superior and I don't think any other twitter app will surpass it.

  3. The best way to keep battery life up is to update manually and so it won't waste more battery than to just stay open. I've been doing it for months!

  4. Twidroid is one awesome app. As stated above, the features outclass any other application in its field. I never had a problem with battery life either and I have it check just once a day (unless i am doing the tweeting). This is one of those "must have" apps, if your into Twitter

  5. how do you include a picture in a direct message? there doesn't seem to be the option to add a picture for the direct messaging. or is there some trick to it? any help would be much appreciated!

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