wallswitchHave you ever set up your home screen just the way you like only to find you’re already bored with it? Do you have a hard time choosing just one image to use as your wallpaper? Time to check out WallSwitch.

I’m constantly taking pictures with my phone and trying to decide which picture to use as wallpaper can be challenging. With WallSwitch, I no longer have to chose just one. I simply select my camera folder and it switches for me. If a picture comes up I don’t want as my wallpaper, I just open WallSwitch and choose switch now.

The feature I like best about WallSwitch is the automatic cropping of images so they fit my Android screen. With other wallpaper programs I’ve tried, I’ve noticed some of the images would be cut off (Not the best thing to happen when its a picture of your baby and they’re now missing half their face while you’re trying to show off your phone).

For those worried about draining the already depleted battery on their phone, not to worry. With WallSwitch, you choose how often the wallpaper is switched. I never noticed it causing much of an impact on mine and it didn’t cause my phone to run any slower. If you feel it is, there is a low performance mode. The images won’t change as fast, but its supposed to help with sluggish phones.

Best of all, WallSwitch is available in the Android market for free!

This App Was Tested Using: G1 running 1.5 and MyTouch3G running 1.6
Presentation: There’s not much to see with this app. The icon is simple and makes sense. Once in the app, there’s just one menu and its easy to read.
Value: WallSwitch does what it is supposed to do. It stands apart from other similar programs by cropping each image so none of my photographs get cut off. Can’t ask for a better price since its free.
Stability/Resources: I have had no crashes, slowness, nor did I notice a significant drain on the battery. (If anything I drained the battery by seeing what picture was used next when I didn’t need to use the phone.)
Bottom Line: This app might not be one that would make your friend go out and buy an android device, but its still one I use daily. It gives my phone a fresh look almost every time I use it, and lets me see all my personal pictures without having to browse through my photo gallery.

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