twitter_xeeku_01While I use Twidroid Pro exclusively for tweeting I am not beholden to any one application.  As a general rule, I just use what fits my needs best.  That’s why I was pretty excited about using Xeeku Twitter for Android.  First off, let me say that Xeeku has a very nice UI and has a finished feel to it.  Too bad what awaits is a little confusing and fragments the Twitter experience–especially when you download the timeline upon opening the application and reloading Tweets.

I will compare this to Twidroid because a lot of Android users, if not most, use it regularly and will be able to relate to the differences.  While Twidroid has all the main features listed on the bottom of the screen like: Home, mentions, compose, and direct messages, Xeeku hides these unless you access them with the Menu key.  But no worries, since a simple long press gives on the Tweet gives you options for reply, retweet and Gmail share but no direct messages (feature coming soon).  What Xeeku excludes however is a settings option, automatic refreshing, and theming. However, what it does offer is “search by voice” which is found by pressing the menu button and choosing “Search.”  This is pretty cool when you’re trying to filter through the Twitterverse on the go.  URLs open in the application as well without using the browser, which was a pleasant surprise in that the application is self-contained.

twitter_xeeku_02 twitter_xeeku_03

Xeeku is definitely in the hunt though and is a good app for those who don’t depend upon Twitter for real-time information, or are a casual user.  While I was using the application I received quick responses via Twitter from Xeeku’s development team and am confidant that they will continue to enhance Xeeku for a full Twitter experience.  And armed with its UI and foray into voice search, this is a young app that I will definitely keep using and watching as it adds features and functionality.

SECOND OPINION: Patryk Zabicki

One of the latest, and in my opinion, nicest available Twitter clients on the market. Xeeku has one of the most interesting layouts. The designer made this application as uncluttered and clear as Twitter itself. On the screenshots you can see how easy to read and simple the layout this developer has chosen. The application covers every important Twitter feature – check your followers, time-line, read mentions and direct messages.

One thing which is little irritating: the input field has more than one line, but only one is visible. This means you can add some words, press enter, and your content will disappear from the visible part of the screen. I’ve already mailed the Xeeku team about this bug, so hopefully we can expect that this bug will be remedied.

For now Xeeku still doesn’t contain a method for checking the replied to function, so you can’t read conversations between users. Hopefully developers will add it in the newest release.


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    • Twidroid is free. It is the pro version that has a price tag. There are some very minor details missing from the regular version (i.e. multiple account support). I am a daily Twidroid user and have found it to be more reliable than any of the other clients.

  1. I think my issue with this interface is the wasted space on the screen at the top and the "blocky" and "unfinished" feeling of the app. I do love that it incorporates search though! I hope to see a more polished, possibly skinable version in the future. :)

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