WiSyncPlus1WiSyncPlus is a fairly complex application for the G1 that will that automatically enable or disable syncing on your WiFi. I am not saying it is complex because of difficulty to use it , it is just a very detailed program with many options. This app can definitely save you money if you do not have an unlimited plan. Battery life can also be saved with WiSyncPlus by disabling Google services from syncing in the background constantly. The options in WiSyncPlus are numerous: you can do everything from disable all internet activity to forcing a Google Sync.  You can even automatically disable your cellular and WiFi connections when your phone goes to sleep–not just standby, but completely off.


From using  this program for the past couple of days here are some of the pros and cons:

Save battery life by disabling syncing
Disable all internet activity
Make and receive calls without problems

Not a very user friendly interface
More detailed descriptions of options would be nice



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  1. I have been using this app for several months with tremendous success in extending battery life. However, this review is a piece of fluff that does not do the app justice or discuss its intricacies in any useful manner. To emphasize repeatedly the ability of the program to stop syncing activity simply misses the mark and makes me question all of the app reviews that appear on this site. This review has the feel of a reviewer who spent ten minutes looking at the app without more. Great app, poorly done review

    • If the reviewer had done his job, you wouldn't need to ask such questions; let alone such basic questions. The product page isn't even correct. The product page is at http://www.gearsoft.mobi/wisyncplus.html. Also not mentioned is the fact a fairly detailed FAQ is also available at http://www.gearsoft.mobi/wisyncplusfaq.html, which even addresses one of the complaints of the review. The reviewer also fails to mention the many shortcuts, notification options, the several active environmental monitoring and reporting features, nor the long list of trigger actions, nor even the scheduler, which all work together to maximize usability and power savings.

      Bluntly, its obvious the reviewer didn't even try. I must say I'm seriously disappointed in Android Guys for this review.

  2. As the one doing the review I can say I spent a good deal of time with the app. I just found that the interface and options could have been more user friendly. I am by no means a tech newbie, so it wasn't the fact that I could understand it or anything. I am not alone in my opinion of the software either. It is shared by many users. Some people will like software and some will not. I didn't care for this app. I didn't share opinion like I could have. Just facts and features.

    • You said, "I am not alone in my opinion of the software either", and I agree, but as a reviewer, you should have said where it falls short and why as well as where it succeeded. Basically you failed to accomplish anything a reviewer should accomplish when creating a review. Nor did you even provide the most basic list of capabilities and features or proceeded to, gasp, review them. Bluntly, you completely fell down on your job.

      What didn't you like? What did you like? Wow, it has shortcuts but you wouldn't know that from the review. Has a scheduler too…but we wouldn't know that. It has a variety of useful triggers but we barely know that. It also has a homepage, but you didn't even provide the direct link. It also has a FAQ, but you failed to read it or even mention it. Oddly enough, both links are provided in the about page which seems to support you didn't even use the application.

      Bluntly, a review of equal quality could have simply been had by stating, "This is an application for android, it has pros and cons. I didn't like it and as such, I didn't actually review it."

      You really didn't need to say, "I didn't care for this app", as your complete disinterest in the app is obvious for all to see. I sincerely hope you are not asked to review any other applications in the future as you completely side stepped your duties here.

      Would it be too much to ask for an actual, unbiased review? One which readers actually deserve?

  3. I have to agree. I'm completely disappointed with the review. The review sounds like it summarizes a blurb here and there from the main product page but fails to mention the long list of features and capabilities. The reviewer states its complex because of the many options but fails to describe those options. This is a total fluff piece bordering on total uselessness.

  4. I must agree. This was not a review, it was an opinion shot from the hip. I have been using this app for a while. I love it. The extra time I get between needing to charge my battery is substantial..! This is the most robust and feature rich app of its type I have found yet. Once I read the instructions, though most things were pretty intuitive, I had no problem configuring it for my needs. Thanks Gearsoft, you saved my life.

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