Pics Quiz

Play in either single player or multiplayer mode and see how many images you can guess. With more than 1,000 pictures and 400 levels, you’ll return to it time and again. Keeps us sharp and competing with friends!


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Zumba Dance

Get your boogie on with the officially license Zumba Dance application, featuring plenty of pop hits that will have you rocking and sweating. Starts out with a 20-minute workout but you can graduate to full 60-minute sessions when you’re ready. Keeps an eye on your progress and backs everything up to the cloud.

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Escape from Rikon

You’ve got to get off the island or they’re going to execute you! Run as fast as you can but look out for traps, poisonous plants, and other hazards. You see those coins? Grab ’em, you’ll be able to use them to purchase fun stuff from the store. Let’s see how well you can do against your friends in multiplayer mode! Recommended for fans of Temple Run.

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Buy and sell clothing directly from your smartphone! List your old clothes in as quick as 60 seconds, see items as they are listed, and even attend virtual shopping events. Now you’ve got no reason to hold onto that closet full of handbags… right?

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Strangebeard – Pirate Princess

Because pirates don’t always have to be boys, this is a cute and fun game for the younger one in your house. You’ll find stories, puzzles, maps, achievements and more; multiple language support, even in ReadAloud narration mode. Reminds us of The Little Einsteins!

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Candy Transport

Can you load the truck up full of candy and get it to the destination? Watch out, there’s real physics at play here.  Upgrade your vehicle to hold more items and see if you can score higher than your friends. Bonus points awarded for logging in with Facebook and Google+ (Game Services).

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My Talking Tom

Indeed, that talking cat is back! This time, however, you’re raising him over 9 different stages and 50 levels and its up to you to give him the love and nurturing he deserves. This means dressing him, tickling him, putting him to sleep, and talking to him. You know he repeats everything you say, right?

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