APPTEASERS: 15 great Android apps and games you should know about (October 17)

APPTEASERS is a collection of apps and games that are new to Android, recently updated, discounted, etc. Whatever the case, we think they’re worth exploring and are willing to bet that many of you would enjoy a few of them.

We understand that we won’t get every single app that crosses our path but we hope to filter things a bit and pass them along to you, dear reader. What you’ll find below is a quick plug for apps and games, occasionally using the developer’s own words to describe the title.

Note that this column is not intended to be a list of “must have” apps but more of a random assortment of titles you might not already know about. No, these are not always new titles. Yes, they can be from big name developers and little indie teams as well.

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Bored of your ereader app? Give this one a spin. Upload books from your computer to a readmill account and you’ll be synchronized across all devices and ready to roll. You can also use any DRM-free ePub or PDF file already on your smartphone or check out thousands of free books to get started. Finish one and get recommendations for another. Lather, rinse, repeat. FREE



Looking to change up the overall look of your Android? You’ll definitely want to check out this free app that does all the heavy lifting for you. Powered by the team behind MyColorScreen, it gives users a library of custom designs which are but one button press away. Themer beta requires an activation code but you can sign up at to get on the list. Note you need Android 4.1 and above for this to work. FREE

Hill Bill


Channel your inner stuntman and handle your business across 6 worlds and 60 levels. Start out in your backyard as you work your way up to the Grand Canyon. Do your best and earn some rewards; unlock new outfits and vehicles.  Speaking of which, can you master the backflip and Superman? FREE

Light Drop Live Wallpaper

Choose from a handful (18) of preset themes as moving backgrounds for your Android with this free starter pack. We’re pretty sure you’ll like the assortment but will want to dive deeper into additional settings. Spring for the paid version ($1.39) and choose from different shape sets, colors, speeds, and more. FREE



Those of you who used Google Reader in the past are likely already a fan of Feedly. As one of our favorite RSS readers for Android, this one is gorgeous, simple, and intuitive. Recent update brings about a much faster experience with a sharp widget. Log in with your Google+ account and catch up on all things important to you. FREE

Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer


You might not use it very often but you’re going to want a gorgeous stopwatch or timer app. This one is free (ad-supported) and looks every bit as nice as the others we’ve encountered. All of your standard features are present here as well as some other great touches. Works on smartphones and tablets alike and provides impressive color choices and themes. FREE

Week Calendar

Fast, friendly, and full of features, you’ll find this one to be intuitive and easy to learn. Import your own calendars from Google, Facebook, and other sources or start from scratch. Either way, you’ll be able create templates, edit in bulk, assign emoji’s/icons, and much more. FREE



Created by a pair of former YouTube founders, this  app lets users record, edit and publish videos as short as one second or as long as an hour. Videos are spliced together from clips that are up to 16 seconds with the largest finished result as being 256 clips (~one hour). Got a last minute change that needs thrown in? Not a problem, even after publishing. FREE

Profile Flow


Set your Android up to automatically adjust settings depending on your location. Need to log into Wi-Fi and toggle off GPS at work? Stop manually doing that stuff everyday. Aside from location, you can automate changes based on time, day, location, battery level, specific Wi-Fi networks, and more. Enable and disable all of the things with the flick of a switch! FREE



Get your pinball on with Bulkypix’s latest game in single player or two players (on the same device). Log in with Google Play Games Services and you’ll find how you rank in the global leaderboards or which achievements you need to unlock. All your expected details are present including 3D graphics, power-ups, multiple tables, and multi-flipper/multi-ball. $1.99

Bunny Bonker

There’s a bunny infestation happening right under your nose. How fast can you react? Bonk them as fast as you can using other bunnies, payloads and projectiles and see how high you can get that score. Look out for magnets, flying clocks and ice cubes for power-ups so you can gain the upper hand on those guys. 30 levels of fluffy, fun for free! FREE

Casino League


From Konami comes this live tournament-style Texas Hold ‘Em game which features players from all over the globe. Hop in with ranked League Play mode and see how high you can climb in the world or hone your skills and strategies with Challenge Events. Get daily rewards or scoop up points from teammates to unlock even more fun. Got an hour to kill? Start here. FREE

GTA V Manual


Are you playing Grand Theft Auto 5 yet? Don’t answer that, we already know. But, did you know that you can download an official game guide from Rockstar which includes more than 100 pages of details, maps, hints, and more? It’s a sizable app at 180MB but you’ll be glad to have this on your lap for when you head into Los Santos to help out Simeone. FREE



Ever find yourself at a store or restaurant, wondering the name of a song playing in the background? Maybe you’re watching TV and hear a commercial that really speaks to you. Break out this app and find the name, artist, and much more. One tap and you’re getting lyrics, YouTube videos, purchase options, and much more. The latest update (4.1) sees the “Friends Feed” feature as having been renamed “News Feed” in anticipation of an upcoming release. FREE

Black Friday Deal Finder


Updated for 2013, the app has a new 2-click mobile purchasing for a majority of hot holiday deals from the bigger retailers as well as a refined advanced filter. Finding the best deals around should prove to be no problem this year and FatWallet’s app only gets better this year. Search and save deals to Wish Lists, share via email or text, and browse ads from more than 100 retail stores. FREE

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