Having Trouble Finding Time to go to the Gym?

…then these two apps are for you!   After searching for exercise apps I found BodyFitness and CardioTrainer, which have made my world a much easier place to be in.  I am not one to go buy the latest DVD for workouts seeing how there are so many to choose from.  These two apps make exercising easy to understand.


This is a free app which shows you how to do numerous exercises.  The home list gives you different categories: exercises, exercises by muscle, yoga, cardio, routines, favorites, and BMI calculator.  All of the exercises are listed under the first tab, but BodyFitness makes things easier to access with the areas you want to work out. If you are not sure which ones to use just click on a tab, such as exercise by muscle, and you are shown a body with the major muscles highlighted.  From there you would click on one and a list comes up with about 20 exercises you can do to help improve that area.  I really liked how the illustrations had explanations and moving pictures to show and tell you how to do the exercise properly.  The negative is the cardio tab, it only shows you a picture and tells you how to do the cardio.  It doesn’t measure your workout.


This app has a free portion and two paid portions.  The free portion records your workout, by measuring your steps, distance, and speed.   You are given options for miles/pounds or kilometers/kilograms and minutes per mile or miles per hour.  Every minute it will give you an automated update of your time, how far you’ve traveled, and calories you’ve burned.   There are many different choices of exercises to choose from, such as running, walking, and eliptical just to name a few.

The paid portions are Weight Loss Trainer and Race Against Yourself.  I didn’t get Race Against Yourself as I am training to start running again, but I did get Weight Loss Trainer and it is a very nice app.  You set your weight loss goal and how much time you would like to take to lose it.  Your progress is measured in three categories: weight loss, calorie burn through exercise, and less caloric intake.  You do not have to count calories with this app, it just tells you how many you do need to cut back on to get to your goal.  You even get to set which days you would like to work out.  This app helps by reminding you it is time to workout according to the time you set.

The paid apps run on OS 1.5 and have a $2.99 one time fee with a 7-day free trial.  My battery life wasn’t drained much while running these apps, that is without any type of battery saver, and you can link your info to facebook.  If you are looking for an app that would get you into the routine of a better life then I would recommend this one.  These are sure to get you body conscious and improve your lifestyle.

Image background source: Flickr

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