There are a slew of various “endless runners” available on the Play Store nowadays. Of course everyone knows about the popular ones like Temple Run, Sonic Dash, and Subway Surfers, however there are still a lot of lesser-known games that are just as fun. We are taking a look at one of these options, by the name of Sisyphus Job.



Sisyphus Job is an endless runner where you play as Sisyphus, the son of King Aeolus of Greece. You are trying to avoid the wrath of Zeus at all costs, while avoiding other obstacles that may pop up on your adventure.

Sisyphus, the one who defied the gods, put Death in chains so that no human needed to die. When Death was eventually liberated and it came time for Sisyphus himself to die, he concocted a deceit which let him escape from the underworld. Finally captured, the gods decided on his punishment for all eternity. He would have to push a boulder up a mountain, upon reaching the top, the boulder would roll down again, leaving Sisyphus to start over.


Setting up Sisyphus Job is pretty simple and straight-forward. Download the app for free from the Play Store, start ‘er up, and you’ll be thrust into the game. The first time you run through Sisyphus Job, you’ll be given a bit of a tutorial about how to avoid various items while you’re trying to keep your distance from a boulder. This boulder is what you’re trying to avoid, due to the fact that once you are caught, Sisyphus is rolled over and the game is over.

The controls for Sisyphus Job are pretty basic. Tap the left part of the screen to slide, while tapping the right side will make Sisyphus jump. While you’re in the air, you can make Sisyphus perform front-flips, which will add to your total points for the run. You can do this by tapping and holding the screen while Sisyphus is in the air. The two special moves that are available in the game are a double jump and sprint. You need to collect stamina that will run out when used.


Throughout the game, you will come across various obstacles, and tools that will help save you from Zeus’ wrath. Sisyphus will need to collect coins and stamina that will provide a speed boost to distance yourself from the boulder. As you go through, and play more, the coins you collect will be able to be used within the store to upgrade the gear that Sisyphus is using. You can upgrade various pieces of your armor, each with different attributes.


Once you’ve upgraded Sisyphus to the best of your abilities, use those features to try and avoid Zeus and anything that is thrown at you throughout your travels. As mentioned above, once the boulder rolls over you, the game is done, and you’re high score will register so that you can compete with others around the world.

What We Like

  • Able to upgrade equipment
  • Attractive to history buffs
  • Obstacles keep things spicy
  • Objectives to keep you working for the top score

What We Don’t

  • Nothing, this is a great game

While Sisyphus Job is a bit off the wall, and not as well known as the other games on the Play Store, it’s definitely worth checking out. Especially when you consider the fact that it’s free, so you really have nothing to lose. Hit the Play Store widget below to help Sisyphus avoid the wrath of Zeus, and let us know your high scores in the comments.

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