Remember the children’s game where one player holds out their finger or hand, and can only retract it once the other person attempts to tap it? To pull out early is to risk being called a coward. To wait too long is to have your finger/hand being struck.
While playing it, it takes a simultaneous sense of calm and anticipation to balance the patience and quickness needed to succeed. The anticipation can be overwhelming, making it pretty difficult to keep your composure waiting for the right time to withdraw.
Screenshot_2016-04-12-22-48-47If this sounds like a fun trip back to your childhood, I recommend Bite Bite, from the developer Rainbow Shell. You can download here for free from the Google Play Store. After downloading and opening, you can choose to link your Google Play Games account if you so choose.


Gameplay is pretty self-explanatory, though if you need some practice there is a training stage where you can hone your timing skills. Once in the game itself, you simply travel from monster to monster; each has a different look, a slightly different and more challenging array of bite sequences, and an increasing number of successful ‘escapes’ needed to transition to the next monster.
While battling each monster through the requisite number of bites, you have three lives (hearts in the corner of the screen). You hold your finger on your device’s screen, within the mouth of the monster, and wait.
After a random amount of time, the monster will bite down on your finger.  You job is to remove your finger before its teeth touch you and you’re ‘bit’ (with a nice little finger amputation animation thrown in). Getting bit once or twice won’t cost you, but after the 3rd bite the bite countdown resets and you begin anew at completing the level. Once you do get through all the bites, that monster is “caged” and you move on to the next.

Overall the levels are not that difficult; itScreenshot_2016-04-12-22-35-05‘s really a matter of remaining calm coupled finding a sort-of ‘zone’ where you can see/hear/feel/sense the next bite beginning. I did get myself in trouble fighting the 40-bite monster. I was cruising along, but once I crossed the 10-bites-left threshold, I tightened up and quickly burned through my three lives. This is where the addictiveness of the game kicked in; I couldn’t put the game down until I at least finished that level.

Screenshot_2016-04-12-22-34-37What we Like

  • Simple gameplay
  • Fun color palette

Room for Improvement

  • More bite variety
  • More level variety; give each monster a unique personality.


Bite Bite does exactly what it says, and does it well. The only thing is, what it does isn’t all that much. Still, it is a fun game that takes you back to your childhood.

Where to Download

Download from the Play Store.

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