In social interactions everyone expresses themselves in their own ways, and on mobile devices this is no different. Emojis are one way in which people can inject their own personalities into an otherwise impersonal means of communication, however with so many people using them nowadays, the “personal” aspect of emojis is fading away. Thankfully Bitmoji (from the creators of Bitstrips) is here to remedy this.

bitmojiBitmoji creates personalized emojis based on an avatar that you can create or import from Bitstrips, that you can use in almost any app. The emojis created in the app are creative and fun, with one, for example, parodying the viral Kim Kardashian champagne photo by replacing Kim with your avatar.

Bitmoji splits up the emojis into different categories represented by different emotions as indicators. These are used to ensure that you can find an emoji that appropriately states how you feel, or is simply funny enough to get a reaction. If there isn’t currently enough variety in emojis for you, Bitstrips has said their library of emojis is growing, so expect more to be coming your way.

The biggest drawback with this app, is the steps involved in actually sending an emoji. You first have to open the app, tell it which app you want to send an emoji with, which then in turn opens the app with the emoji ready to send to a contact of your choosing. They have implemented a workaround in which a floating head appears in social related apps from which you can send emojis quickly, however I couldn’t get the head to appear in any apps and it appears that other users are experiencing similar issues. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update.

The bottom line is that this is a great app for having fun with your friends and expressing yourself through your own, personalized emojis.

Bitmoji has reached out to tell us that the floating heads problem is only apparent in devices with Android 5.0 Lollipop. I have checked an older device and can confirm that they do work on older versions of android.



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  1. Does this app have any sort of sneaky keystroke-capture capability that we should be aware of? I feel like Free is too good to be true.

    • I checked the app’s permissions and there are no permissions that include keystrokes or even anything suspicious based on how the app works

  2. ive been using this app and really enjoy it.. 2 wks ago got the same exact ph they transferred everything over now i try it and it says oops someone else is using this email address.. aggravating its me. sooo what do i do?

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