If you’re like me then you like to play your mobile games in short, few minute bursts a couple of times a day. Once in a while you might find yourself dropping an hour’s worth of free time, but generally speaking, it’s nothing regular. And, if you’re like me, you prefer the casual strategy game over the first-person-shooter. If you’re like me then you absolutely love Blendoku.

The premise of the game is simple: you have to arrange colored tiles in order. Fade them from dark green to neon green, for example, or blend them from black to white. You’ll start out with roughly 5-8 tiles in the easy levels and then progress up to stuff with dozens of boxes. Also, instead of a simple line of colors, you’ll have to blend them in multiple directions. Need help? You get one free cheat per day which places any tile you need. It could be the catalyst that helps you figure out which way those colors blend.

The levels are grouped in chunks of 100-150 and truly do have a gradual feel to them. Note that the Master levels work best if you own a tablet. There are simply too many colors and squares to work with on a 4-inch screen. An added bonus to Blendoku is that you can synchronize your scores and times across multiple devices. This way you can start on the phone and pick up later on the tablet. To start, you get 475 levels in the free experience. You’ll also find a “hidden” Negative mode which completely changes the entire game by switching colors to polar opposites.

As is the case with many of these casual games, you can return to levels again and again, trying to beat your time. Personal bests are scored as are the world averages. There’s also a trophy you can achieve for perfect tile placement (no moving or rearranging) but it doesn’t serve any real purpose.

Once you’ve gone through and cleared all of the standard levels, I recommend purchasing (in-app) the second round. Doing so not only gives you another batch of puzzles but it also removes any advertisement. You can also purchase additional help. Perhaps you might want to invest in the 20 extra cheat squares (recycle daily) once you get into the hard and master levels. I have dropped a few bucks in this game and couldn’t be happier with the purchases. In fact, I’m ready for the third round of levels, if there ever will be such a thing.

If I had one gripe about Blendoku it is that I cannot sync the purchased levels; only those that came with the first install are matched across devices. This bothered me more once I got into Medium 2 and Hard 2 levels but it didn’t ruin things altogether. My gut says this is but a software update waiting to happen.

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