Got a few minutes to kill? Perfect, that’s literally all you need for Candy Crush Saga. I’ve been playing this game for the last few weeks and it’s easily one of the  most addictive titles I’ve recently come across.

candy_crush_saga_screen1As a former Facebook-only game, I was somewhat reluctant to start playing this one.  Call me weird, but there’s generally just something about those games that rubs me wrong.  Nevertheless, I gave Candy Crush Saga a spin after my wife told me how much fun she was having.  I am pleased to admit that I missed the boat on this one – it’s a lot of fun and really addictive.

If you’ve ever played a match-three game like Bejewled then you already know the mechanics. You’re given a goal at the start of each round (clear all the jelly, bring all ingredients to the bottom, etc) and a set number of moves to accomplish the task. There’s no race or time limit to worry about, but you’ve got to put on your thinking cap.

Match up three or more pieces of candy in a row and you’ll earn points or special pieces. Use these pieces to complete a set and you could rack up extra points or finish the level. Honestly, there’s not much more to describing this game; most can pick it up in one or two rounds.

The graphics are incredibly vibrant and the candy looks realistic. With more than 100 levels to finish, the game invites you back for more. I’ve already gone back to try to complete early levels with higher scores. Yes, this is one of those games where you can earn up to three stars based on your performance.

Additional details include unlockable items, boosters and charms, and leaderboards. Thanks to the Facebook sync, you can see how your friends are doing as well.

candy_crush_saga_screen2 candy_crush_saga_screen3

If there were one spot I’d like to see modified it would be in the boosters. Just because you earn a booster (helpful in completing levels quicker) doesn’t mean you can use it. You’re asked to purchase them each time out. So, if you want to start the level with three color bombs, you’ll have to pay $1.15 for the option. Others can cost even more.  As you know, this could get pretty darn expensive, quickly.

It’s worth pointing out that players are given a set number of lives (5) and that each time you do not complete the task, you lose one. After you deplete your lives you are required to wait so long to play again.  Use them all up right away and you could be waiting an hour or longer before you’re back in with multiple lives.

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What we liked:

  • Easy to learn, hard to put down
  • Rich colors and inviting graphics
  • Fun for all ages
  • Very high replay value

Room for improvement:

  • Would like to use boosters for free
  • A tad too easy to use up lives for beginners

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  1. I love this game however the in game purchase prices are retarded. The one awesome thing about this game is the if you change devices your progress is saved on facebook.

    • Agreed. I am on level 165. I know it has been rigged from the first 30 levels or so of playing, but now you can see it much more. That it is impossible to get 99 blue candies when they only put 40 or so on the screen the entire 40 or 50 moves of the game. Its really annoying because sometimes if you stop playing for a few hours, you win the level you have been stuck on right away. The way the chocolate grows is a huge example as well. I admit I have paid 99$ twice for 5 extra moves in my entire life of playing this which is how they get you.

    • You are so right. Been on this level forever. My sister was on 65 for four months, now tell me how rediculous that is. Now they aren’t giving the More Lives to watch advertisements. Like you, I paid attention to 165, it is incredible that they rig this. The game is supposed to be fun. Sure hope someone reads all the complaints and comes up with a clone of this game and keeps the players fun in mind. Millions of clicks a day on this game, you would think they would get the message from the customers by now. You paid, nah!!!!!

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