Participating in one of my favorite hobbies, casual gaming, on Android is a tough task to achieve.  As a casual gamer, I need a fun and  intriguing game that is challenging, although not too challenging, and has a high replayability factor. In Sugar Land, where Candymon is set, you’re tasked to be a hero in a colourful, fun, endless-flyer adventure to free cute monsters  locked away by evil magic.


In order to play Candymon, you have to use two hands (use both your thumbs) to control your monsters flying. The objective is to feed your monster candy. Candy monsters earn a heart after each candy they eat. Hearts increase the monster’s stamina, and when stamina is at full power, Candymons go on a sugar rush and transform into gigantic flying monsters and wreck stuff! That may sound easy, but you have to be careful not to run into bombs, shooters, and more obstacles.

Upgrades in this game apply to weapons, furniture, clothing accessories and more. You can earn upgrades in the game or by good old-fashioned in-app purchases ranging from $0.99-$49.99


Candymon took over 2 years to be completed. Time and patience paid off, as the game is colorful, detailed, and crisp. I couldn’t help but from time to time think of Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph while playing this game due to the candies and vibrant colors. The controls are easy to use and stay out of the way. The monsters are creative cartoon-y enabling an interesting game-play while propelling side-to-side in the air.


The immersive colors, monsters, goals, and smooth game play contribute to Candymon being a game that you can play leisurely or play for hours.

What we liked What Needs Improvement
Beautiful Graphics More Levels
Addictive Game-play Redundant game-play
Creative Cartoony Characters


The casual gaming category is jam-packed with content. Yet, Candymon manages to fly away from the competition. Candymon is entertaining with colors popping off the screen beautifully. Immersed with challenging game play and goals that are just fun enough to keep even the most casual gamer playing for hours.

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