Finally the award-winning franchise for PC Sid Meier’s Civilization has hit the gaming world with a brand new exclusive sequel, Civilization Revolution 2 which is only available for mobile devices. This turned based strategy war game is gaining its popularity with a host of new and old fans alike. And we here at AndroidGuys have put this title under our finely tuned microscope in today’s review.

Ready to dig right in and hear all about Civilization Revolution? Yes…Thought you might say so.

Well let’s get to it and start off by saying hands down this game has become a force to be reckoned with! Having packed all new 3D graphics unleashing your devices full potential will have you in the zone for hours. That’s not all there is to offer, this exclusive mobile download has also amped up its entire gaming experience with this title. That being said all that new content has to fit somewhere so be ready for the whooping 447MB download that comes with this file. Also a $15 price tag you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Well lucky you we here at AndroidGuys have footed the bill to give you all you need to know on this hot title. And don’t worry people developer 2K Games made sure to treat fans with explosive new content and is leading itself as having NO IN-APP PURCHASES !!

Want to rule a nation through the ages?  How about building your nation of wooden huts into a thriving megatropolis. Civilization Revolution 2 has made that possible. Within the first hour of gameplay I was already hooked on the amazing 3D graphics and superb control layout. It has an easy to use interface along with a host of new content that will have you jammed up with endless options.

Yes folks it is still a good old fashion turned based strategy which usually can get tiresome and repetitive at times in between turns but wait…remember all that action packed content I was talking about? Well developer 2K Games made sure to ease those problems by introducing loads of character animations and city management options to develop and keep you occupied while you wait. All be it those animations can get repetitive and sound quite familiar to a Sim’s character but it is definitely a break from the ordinary hurry up and wait.

After hours of gameplay I definitely keep my device powered on and ready to go. Pick your leaders from a wealthy list of new choices from Abraham Lincoln to Ganges Khan and rule your nation the way you want. Ready to build a massive army full of countless new units and have a bloody all out world war than that’s your prerogative. Or how about building a small Aztec village into a world super power by advancements or force. There is also historic campaigns allowing you to replay exact historic scenarios, along with a random game set up simulator so that way you can play how you want when you want. All new technologies to advance your nation along with new events to keep you on your toes every time you end your turn. 


  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Hours of entertaining animations
  • Random advanced AI
  • Easy to learn interface
  • Historically accurate scenarios
  • No IN APP purchases required


  • Drains battery quickly
  • Large file download
  • New title so there is regular bug fixes and freezing.
  • No easy to use tutorials
  • Repetitive animations
  • Skilled learning curve for new users

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