I’m an avid Chrome user, both on Android and on desktop. I enjoy the synchronization it offers between the two, including bookmarks and recent tabs. However, Chrome has never “wow’d” me or impressed me. On desktop, I do believe it to be the best choice (very close with Firefox), but on Android it could be much smoother and a little more reliable.

I gave CM Browser a try after a friend told me he uses it as his default, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back. CM Browser greets you with a clean, minimal interface that’s easy to get used to. It comes with a great amount of features you’ll find in most other browsers, but offers them in a clean and fast way. Some of my favorite features include:

  • Full-screen mode– CM implements it very well and adds a small button at the bottom right to toggle the interface on and off. It doesn’t hide nav-buttons though.
  • Night mode– Come on, why doesn’t every browser have this?! This turns any light webpage into a darker one and even dims the screen.
  • Private browsing– Not only is it here, but you can switch to private browsing while you’re on a certain page rather than opening a new private tab and going back to that page.
  • Sleek animations– slide left to see options and features, viewing all of your tabs is enjoyable and simple, and pressing the Home button feels so right.
  • Page translator– With Spanish class being tough as it is right now, this will come in handy!
  • Pop-up blocker– YES!

CMTabs CMSettings CM FullscreenFullscreen Mode

Usually features alone do not sell me into using a browser. It’s the speed and stability that keep me browsing without getting frustrated. I’m happy to say that not only is CM Browser fast and fluid, to me it feels more fluid than Chrome. I’ll update this page if the fluidity and speed of the app declines over the next few days of usage since I’ve only been using it for a couple days now, but right now I’m impressed.

The developers, Cheetah Mobile, claim the browser is protected by the #1 virus protection mobile software in the business, but as of right now, I cannot confirm nor deny this statement as I have not witnessed any failures within the app.

Decreasing the size and complexity of apps has become a trend, and CM Browser has adapted in quite a way, making this app only 1.69MB in size. With the amount of features and abilities this app offers, I was surprised to learn this.

Check out CM Browser in the link below if you’d like to try the browser for yourself!


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