Conquer Your Lists With 'Remember The Milk'

Keeping track of items throughout all aspects of life can be an overwhelming task. Whether those items be groceries that need to be picked up, bills that need to be paid, or gift ideas for those special people in your life, Remember the Milk can help you stay on top of it all.

If you already use Remember the Milk online then the transition to the Android app is incredibly easy. However, it will require a Pro account ($25/year) if you don’t already have one. Once you have a Pro account all you need to do is download the app from the Android Market and the first time you run the app it will sync up with your online tasks. Just like that, you’re ready to be organized on the go.

Adding locations, new lists, searching tasks and creating new smart lists are all functions available in the app. It seems you can do anything on the app that you would do through web. Some are easier to figure out how to do than others, but once you learn how to access the features you need regularly, navigating the app is a breeze.

There are three main reasons to invest in the Pro account so you can use the app to sync with the web. The first reason is widgets. A widget (there are a couple of sizes to choose from) can be placed on one of your home screens for easy tracking of list items. I like to have my personal tasks and shopping lists handy. When you tap on a widget it opens directly to that list so you don’t have to filter for the lists you use the most often.

Remember the Milk

Another advantage to having the Pro account is distinguished reminders. By distinguished I mean it isn’t tied into your SMS or Twitter notifications (RTM provides reminder services through both of these methods). It does look like a calendar reminder, but that is more immediate than using socially oriented media that we sometimes ignore for important reminders.

The the most compelling reason to invest in a Pro account is the “nearby” feature. This is where the locations work their magic. If you have locations associated with your list items (like your grocery or shopping list items) you can set Remember the Milk to notify you when you are close to that location if you have an outstanding task. This does use GPS and so it can be a battery drain if used all of the time, but is perfect for making sure nothing is forgotten when you go out on a Saturday morning errand run.

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