GMote is one of these very promising applications for the Android platform.  The app promises to turn your Android handset into a remote control, giving users the ability to start and control movies and other media from a distance.

PhoneDog’s John Walton is back with another one of his video reviews.  This time around he’s just teasing us with a cursory look at the app.  He had a few technical glitches in recording this video so he expects to have a better, more thorough take on it later.  As it stands, the current video gives us a nice peek at what the app can do.

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  1. I’ve been using gmote for a little while now and it’s great for me! I can play any of my 60GB of music that I have on my computer from anywhere in the house and completely freak out my partner and step-kids while they’re on the computer by moving the mouse pointer and typing for them, but the best bit? I can put my music/video on before I go to bed and am able to fully control the screen colour etc… without having to get out of bed!

  2. Nice review John! You’re bloopers must only be noticeable by you…. seemed like a great review to me! Thanks for sharing.

    Regarding the app, I love the idea and I can tell the developer has put a lot of hard work in. I would absolutely use it if my theatre system was networked with my PC. Hmm, maybe I can network my receiver via wireless with my PC…. not sure if that’s possible though.

  3. I love love LOVE this program… Before this I wasted 300 bucks on a Cowon 02 just so I could play any video format on my TV without having to run downstairs every time I want to pause, fast forward, etc. on my PC… But that still requires having to sync a device (and transfer huge files over usb which takes forever, and then fiddle with cables again to plug the device into the TV, plus you’re constrained by the devices’s storage limits)… Now I just have an s-video cable permanently running from my PC to my TV, and I can control the laptop from my phone… I download whatever I want for free, the app was free, and the s-video cable cost me like 8 bucks. Now I can finally actually say, “peace out, Overpriced Cable and Helloooo Pirate Bay!”

    PS I don’t know why you were having so many problems during this demo video, but I never do, the controls are very responsive. I suspect it has more to do with your router/wireless connection than with the Gmote software.

    PPS I have a Cowon 02 for sale if anybody’s interested

  4. Man, did I sell this app short.

    I now have my library streaming over the Internet to my phone while miles away from home. Control and local playback for Linux and Windows is working. I’ve got some other things happening as well. It’s not 100%, but it’s still amazing.

    I’ll be posting a full review at when I get all of the little bugs worked out. GMote is one of the greatest Android apps I’ve used. I love sitting in my comfy chair with my laptop and using my phone to check the status of an upload or video process on a desktop. So nice.

  5. I got the Gmote program in my G1 phone and my computer some how is not working. I put off my firwall also manually input my ip address. I don’t what else to do because I check the Frequently ask question and follow instruction but still is not wotking. I need of help please help me.

  6. I have gmote on my phone and it’s great! BUT… I can only access my home pc when I am on the same wireless netork as my home PC.

    How can I access my home pc while away from home?

    Some people above mentioned controling it from Miles away! I want to be able to that! that is amazing!!! I need that! can it be done?

    I have an HTC Evo if it matters.


    New born android fiend

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