Cute Pocket Pets

Cute Pocket Pets 3D is a rather interesting game. I tend to avoid games that have “3D” in the title because that usually is an indicator of some strange graphics, and Cute Pocket Pets 3D is no exception.

Let’s take a look at this “Cute” little “3D” game, shall we?


So the concept of Cute Pocket Pets 3D is sort of like a combination of Sims and Club Penguin. The player controls a little animal and runs around playing mini games to earn money. Instead of running around an entire world like you do in Club Penguin or the Sims, your fluffy little creature in this game is confined to its house. This is all fine and dandy because I don’t like going outside anyways.

In this game, you are playing as the pocket pet. You control it’s every movement. However, with great power comes great responsibility. You must make sure to take care of the pets every need. You have to keep up with vitals in a Sims like fashion.

There is an indicator for how hungry your pet is, how tired, how bored and how badly it needs to use the restroom. Taking care of these functions isn’t all that bad. You just walk up to the respective object and interact with it to raise your levels.

In order to raise the pet’s happiness levels, you have to play mini games. While playing, you earn in-game currency that you can spend to upgrade the furniture or buy some clothes to jazz up your pet. Each object that you can buy also give you some sort of boost that varies per object.


The interface is the worst part of this little game. The controls are poorly placed and make game play hard. The games are challenging enough without a joystick that is placed right in the corner of my screen. It is quite the challenge to move left or down without moving your finger completely off the screen.

While the mini-games could have been a fun way to pass time, the placement of things on the screen make the effort almost not worth it.


Cute Pocket Pets 3D is a nice little game for a toddler, but not much else. The game should take care of your small children with its quirky graphics and simple game play, but it won’t keep an adult entertained.

The game can be downloaded from Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store for your Android phone, or the Windows store on your Windows Phone.

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