I do most of my shopping online. For most of the things I buy I hop on Amazon, make sure the price is something I’m willing to pay, and 2 days later it shows up, all with free shipping. For bigger items constantly watching prices and looking for deals can become a chore. A chore I don’t have time for.

Ebay has some tools to help you stay on top of items you’re searching for, but they can be frustrating and spammy. There are very specific forums like the buildapcsales subreddit on Reddit for deals on computer parts, but for bigger items I need something to keep an eye on prices, and do it in a straightforward fashion.

Denarri front

This is where Denarri comes in. Denarri is beautiful in its simplicity. You tell it what you want, give it a price range, and a new listing is made. It keeps an eye on all the listings on eBay to give you the best prices. You can tell the app if you want new or gently used when you set up the search, and then you just browse. There are no ads. There are distractions, just prices, pictures and conditions.

[blockquote author=”Andrew Ghobrial, Denarri”]My vision is a marketplace that learns your preferences as you use it, so each shopping session is faster than the last. One where you’re notified when new items are found according to how important they are to you, so you never miss out on a deal but don’t get buried in notifications if you’re not in a rush.[/blockquote]

When you find a price you like, you click on the listing and you’re immediately taken to the eBay page. From there, your experience continues on like a normal eBay purchase. You buy, pay and wait for your purchase to show up.

Denarri new search

If you’re no longer interested in seeing results for your previous search, it’s simple to delete it. If you leave it alone, it’ll continue to rack up results, looking for the best price until you get rid of it. I had a saved search for a processor that I forgot about and it still had the 10 best results, up to date, with the lowest price on the site displayed for me a month later.

Denari results

This app is really great for those of us that are willing to wait for a great price to buy something. I’ve payed plenty of early adopter’s tax in my life, but as I’m transitioning to a more conservative financial future due to having a family, it makes sense for me to wait on things like computer parts, Blu Rays, phones, and tablets until they can reach a price that I’m willing to pay. Denarri makes keeping track of those items as easy as can be.

I’d love to see more integration with other online sellers like the Amazons, New Eggs and Wal-Marts of the world in the future. I think the developer knows what they’re doing by perfecting the app’s function right now, but hopefully they continue on and expand the reach.

Play Store Link: Denarri

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  1. Matt, I agree that hopefully they’ll integrate more stores like Newegg and Amazon for price options. Could there be a revisit on this in the future?

    • Definitely. I actively use the app so if they make a major update, I’ll be sure to make a note of it. I really enjoy what they’re doing and I hope they keep up the momentum.

    • Hey Patrick! I’m one of the cofounders of Denarri. Adding things like Newegg and Amazon is definitely in the pipeline. We’re also working to add the ability to sell through Denarri directly, so we can have even more control over getting people awesome deals. Is there anything you like about Newegg in particular that makes you want us to add their products?

      • Not so much Newegg specific. I liked reading about this app as a straight forward aggregator. I consider myself a practical shopper (even during the holiday season regarding impulse buys). Being able to window shop and have more ecommerce businesses get filtered into the app to allow me to see if there is something in my budget range to buy is always a good thing.

        And I’m downloading the app after submitting this to see how it performs.

        Thank you Matt for posting. Thank you Andrew for reaching out for feedback.

      • Just thought of something I like specific to Newegg. They accept Android Pay (when it use to be Google wallet).

        It’s just a good extra layer of payment protection. No direct access to my credit/debit card information.

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