What’s the number one complaint among smartphone users? Ask anybody what they think of their new iGalaxy One M6 Pro, or whatever, and without fail you’ll hear “but the battery life sucks”. It’s seems to be a prolific problem as screens become lusher and more vivid. It’s not enough that we have these devices for mobile calling; they have to function as flashlights, televisions, and stereos as well. We’re demanding so much from our digital companions that it seems low-battery life is just a forgone conclusion at this point.

Suffering from the low-juice blues, myself, I tried out DU Battery Saver from DU APPS STUDIO. Promising to optimize power consumption and prolong battery life, this app has over 50 million downloads from Google Play and reviews that are just as impressive.


The installation was super easy. A small icon was added to my notification bar which reads the battery’s current charge percentage. Opening the app allows you to analyze power consumption and select different modes that fit your usage style. I didn’t really tinker with any of these presets as I wanted to see how it would fare out of the box, so to speak. One feature that I was immediately drawn to was the ability to view the phone’s power level by time remaining. It seemed to be pretty accurate and helped me quantify how much time I had until I needed to find a power source. It also displayed my phone’s temperature, to boot.

Even with the default settings, I could instantly tell that the app was managing my power usage in a way that delivered a longer charge-life. How it managed this, I haven’t a clue but I can tell you that there was absolutely no discernible difference to my experience. The screen wasn’t dimmer, apps didn’t load slower, and WiFi and Bluetooth weren’t disabled.

There’s not a downside I could find in my time with DU Battery Saver, aside from potentially having too many options for some users. It irrefutably delivered on its promise of extended battery life without any compromises to my device. That makes it a winner in my book.

Check out DU Battery Saver for yourself on Google Play.

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