It’s a pain to try and keep track of all of your friends and their contact info. It’s even more of a pain to keep track of business associates that you come across while traveling for work. Veecards is here to help with those pains, and alleviate some of the headache attached with keeping your contact list clean and updated.

Veecards aims to re-invent the wheel for your contact list through a couple of ways. First and foremost, forget the days of needing to manually enter your friends information yourself, or remembering their new phone number if they’ve switched providers. Veecards does all that for you, with a catch that we’ll touch on a bit later.

Diving right into the interface of Veecards, you are presented with a beautiful UI, and easy to navigate controls, making it as easy as possible to get started and get your friends on board. The Overflow menu button on the right hand side, opens a few different options for you to toggle through and explore.


The Home page, is where you can find all of your primary Veecard contacts. If you want to get your friends in on the fun, or if you’re meeting a contact for the first time, you can send them an invite directly from the side-menu bar. The Wallet section allows for you to create NFC cards that can easily be shared between contacts while you’re on the go. You can learn more about the NFC cards here at the Veecards website.


The Activity Log shows when you shared or received various contacts information, allowing for you to easily track when you sent that information over. Tutorials allows for you to have easy access on how to use Veecards, and to create a veecard for yourself. This will also help if you need to assist others with getting started with Veecards.

Finally, the settings panel shows your basic account information, as well as the synchronization information for your account. If you want to delete all local data, and start fresh from what’s saved on the server, there’s an easy button to use that for as well. You can also enable all of the NFC technology capabilities from the Settings panel, which would be necessary if you want to easily share contact information via Veecards.

Now all this talk about Veecards, but how do you actually create one. You could head over to the Veecards site and check out the tutorial, and that’s probably you’re best bet. However, the process is pretty straight-forward and self-explanatory, meaning that it is incredibly easy to get your Veecards created and ready to be shared with the necessary people.

You can create as many Veecards as you need to, and there are all different pieces of information that can be added to your individual Veecards. For example, I’ve taken a screenshot of what my AndroidGuys Veecard looks like, and you can see all the different pieces of information that I have added to this specific Veecard. However, there’s also another Veecard that I’ve created which is my personal Veecard, but for obvious reasons, I won’t be sharing that information.


Each Veecard is completely customizable from top to bottom, and everywhere in between. When creating a Veecard, you start out by choosing the style and label for the veecard. As stated above, you can create as many Veecards as you need to, so feel free to get a little wild and try out the various options that can be found within the set up process.

Within each Veecard, you can add the following information to be shared with your various contacts:

  • Email
  • Event
  • Instant Messaging
  • Nickname
  • Note
  • Organization
  • Phone
  • Postal
  • Social
  • Website

You can add multiples of each field, and there are also multiple “types” that each piece of information can be categorized. For example, when adding an Email, you can choose between “Personal”, “Work”, “Education”, or “Other”. Once you’ve filled in the fields depending upon which Type you used, that information will populate in a subcategory within your Veecard.


After you’ve gone through and tweaked your Veecard to your liking, then your information is ready to be shared with whomever is asking for it.

What we like…

  • Easy to create Veecards
  • Simple interface
  • Beautiful UI
  • Good to use if you meet a lot of contacts

And not so much…

  • Getting everyone on board with Veecards can be difficult

Overall, I see where Veecards can be useful, especially when you’re going to business meeting or an event like CES. Transferring contact information via NFC is a great concept that has been made possible in the past few years, and there are a lot of benefits to taking advantage of this technology.

Google Play Store: Veecards

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