Transferring files between your Android device and your computer can SOMETIMES be a pain. Usually not when you have at least a USB cable, but there are times that you’re on the go and leave the USB cable behind. Or maybe, you are using someone else’s computer and want to transfer some files between your device and their computer.

Web PC Suite aims to help alleviate any issues that may arise when trying to quickly and easily transfer files. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will be asked to navigate to the Web PC Suite website so that you can connect your device.


If you are trying to transfer files between devices, without a Wi-Fi connection, you are prompted to create an account. In order to create an account, you must use either Google, Facebook, or Twitter, and you’re account is created. Once the account is created, and you have navigated to the web site on your computer, you need to sync the devices. There is a QR-code displayed on the web page, and your camera is activated to be able to read it.

Now I ran into my first issue when I tried connecting my Galaxy Note5 to my computer. The first time I scanned the QR-code, the app and the web client just froze. However, the second go-round, everything loaded up perfectly, without an issues. Mind you, I was not using Wi-Fi transfer, instead, I was using the experimental mobile network transfer.


So you’ve got everything set up and ready to go, now how do you go about transferring those files? It’s actually REALLY simple with the Web PC Suite. Navigate to the file or folder you are trying to transfer and simply drag and drop within your browser, and the file will automatically start uploading.

There won’t be much activity seen via the app on your Android device, and there isn’t even a notification on your device once the file is transferred. So you’ll have to be sure to keep an eye on the web client to check the status of the transfer. The only information that you’ll see within the app on your Android device is the amount of data that has been transferred.

As for the other options within the Web PC Suite application, you really won’t find much. In the top right hand corner, there is a “Store” icon that takes you to an application in the Play Store that seems to just be a random app that was selected. Possibly for ad-revenue purposes. The next icon is the “Contact” which takes you into your account information. From here, you will find your email and your ‘Used Traffic Statistics’. Finally, there is an overflow menu button on the far right, next to your Account Information.

The overflow menu drops down and shows you a few more options. You can head to Personal Hotspot, Settings, Feedback, Help, Share, or About. The others are self-explanatory, but the one that caught my eye was the Personal Hotspot functionality. This option within Web PC Suite seems to make it easier for users to connect their phones to their other various devices from the app. In order to access the Personal Hotspot with your device of choice, you will need to open a specific URL, and enter the login information, then your device is connected to the hotspot from your phone.

What We Like

  • Easy to use interface
  • Able to transfer files over mobile data connection
  • Personal Hotspot functionality built-in
  • No intrusive ads

And not so much…

  • “Store” icon takes you to random apps in the Play Store
  • Connecting can be a little finicky


Web PC Suite is another option on the Play Store for you to easily transfer your files between devices. Add in the fact that you don’t need to install any third-party software on your computer, and can just do this within the browser, and you have a compelling argument against PushBullet and others. While I’m not sure how long I’ll use Web PC Suite on my device due to the likes of PushBullet, I do know that I’ll keep it there for a little while just to have in case I need to quickly transfer something without PushBullet.

Let us know what you think about Web PC Suite, and if you aren’t using this already, what you use to transfer files, wirelessly, between devices.

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