[dropcaps]It’s not every day that you see a new kind of app. The Play Store seems flooded with just about every type of app you can get, almost like everything possible has already been thought of and made. The developers at Easymind saw an opportunity to make a tool that would bring convenience to the masses by allowing users to vote on polls, either private or public. The app is a small 23MB and requires an Internet connection.[/dropcaps]


You need to create an account upon opening Easymind. It is indeed a bit of a nuisance, however it is certainly necessary as users can create private polls and share it with their friends. This becomes particularly handy when you have a group chat. There are quite a few Settings but few of them are actually toggles, most of them are for account settings. There is a tutorial to help you in the beginning, so you’re not left in the dark


I’m sure you’ve experienced the moment when everyone wants to eat at a different restaurant or watch a different movie. So, now someone can be assigned to create a poll and the rest of you go to his account and, granted that the poll creator has granted you access to his poll, vote for your option. It is easy to create a poll. You can add different voting options and set a time for how long the poll is open for. Unfortunately the results are only displayed when the time runs out, so you have to wait until the end to get any idea of the results. Easymind has added a nice feature here that shows you the demographics of voters (Age, Sex) on each option available. It knows your age and sex from when you signed up. A handy feature is that you can limit who can vote, if you feel it’s necessary. So if you only want females to vote, just change it when you create a poll!

The user interface is decent, however at times I found myself confused at where the previous screens could be found. You can follow people an easily view their public polls.


Is it for me?

Almost certainly! Unless you don’t text that often or aren’t that kind of person who would go have a picnic, you should definitely try it out. It might be a nuisance setting up, but that’t the only hurdle.

What we liked

  • Its applicability in real life
  • Easy to use
  • For private and global use

And not so much…

  • Confusing user interface
  • Independent of any messaging apps

Easymind should try integrate it better with social messaging, as the work between inviting new users and having to use two apps may seem a bit demanding for some users. They have certainly created something that has the opportunity to be big, constant work and improvements on it should insure that the “possibilities are infinite”, as they say in the app description.

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