Eye Spy Pumpic device monitoring review (Review)


[dropcaps]I[/dropcaps]n the technologically advanced era we currently live in kids are becoming more and more tech savvy. Thus, parents are getting left behind in a cloud of smoke and mirrors. Parents yearn for the ability to monitor their child’s daily activities, devices, and understanding who they really are versus their online alter ego.

Pumpic, a mobile monitoring company, has created a digital solution to this problem that monitors your child’s mobile device. Pumpic gives parents the ability to view their child’s social media posts,SMS/MMS messages, current location and more.


In order to use Pumpic, the targeted device to be monitored must be rooted. You will also need to log on to Www.Pumpic.com to register/sign up for an account.

1) After registration, you will receive an email with your login and password credentials.

2) You will need to log in to Pumpic and follow the setup wizard to continue.

Follow Setup Process:

  • choose OS (Android);
  • download the app on the phone that you are going to monitor (the target device) and make all necessary settings
  • enter a PIN code on the target device to connect it to your Control Panel
  • set up an admin password for Pumpic app on the target device

3) After approximately 20 minutes, monitoring will start on the target device.


In order to monitor a device, I had to be logged into Pumpic.com and access its control Panel. The control panel is professionally designed with a crisp clean white layout overlaid with minimalist icons. Navigating between the features menus is effortless and intuitive; I just had to scroll up and down with my mouse.

Pumpic View Locations


When you click on a particular feature, for example SMS: a web page displays the date of the message, type of message (SMS/MMS), the number it was sent/contact name, the messages content, and the status of the message if it is still on device or has been deleted. This same formula is a recurring theme although it changes to fit the current category you are monitoring.

Surprisingly, Pumpic was very accurate on the location of the device I monitored. Pumpic pinpointed the location within 400 feet of the device’s actual location.

Emails, photos, and videos when monitored synced with the monitoring app with no problem and appeared nearly in real time with a slight lag of 45-80 seconds.

PumPic View SMS


Monitoring the device without having to sneak or actually have the it in hand allows for a controlled, confrontation-free experience. What’s great about Pumpic is you don’t need to rely on neighbors or friends spying or your children, expensive camera equipment, you just have to have an internet connection and know how to navigate a web browser.

Target Audience

So whom might be interested in using Pumpic? Pumpic allows you to monitor a device although it is not done subtly. In order to use Pumpic, you need to have the app installed on the target device and with that being said the app on the phone is listed as “Monitoring”. So if you are wanting a secretive monitoring solution PumPic is not for you. PumPic is great for parents who are really  interested in monitoring their child’s posts, actions and really don’t care about invading their child’s privacy.

What We Like

  • Pumpic is very useful monitoring tool
  • Design is professional clean and intuitive
  • Application and monitoring options are easy to use.

What We Don’t Like

  • Device has to be rooted in order to use app
  • Pricing options, not a set one time fee, have to select from a variety of monthly payment options
  • The app has to be first set up on the monitored device, would prefer an option where monitoring is more subtle.


My initial thought of Pumpic was “Wow, that’s a lot of power – one app to have the ability to track a devices movement, view social media posts, set geological gates, view the user’s typed keystrokes and more.”

After using Pumpic, I found the app to be packed with an array of useful features that allow a parent or loved one to gain endless information on the devices user. The idea behind Pumpic monitoring is genius. With that said,  my experience with Pumpic gave me an eerie voyeuristic sensation due to the fact that you are able to be really intrusive with the access you have from the device.

I believe that Pumpic is very useful, but I would like to see features that gives more of a proactive approach to the monitoring service. What good is it to just see the posts and messages sent from the device? Why not go further and give at least an option to toggle on or off to first view or scan messages and posts before they are sent/posted.

Pumpic is a well-designed app that is easy to register, set up, and use. Pumpic enables you to deeply monitor a personal vault that is normally locked tight and protected by any means necessary.

The sweeter features come at a recurring fee with packages ranging from $5.33-$83.99 with payment intervals of 1 month, 3 month, 6 months, and 12 months. If you want to monitor closely, be prepared to spend some cash.  Worth noting, there is also a free 7-day trial available here.

Disclaimer: BE AWARE

Above is the surface review of the functionality of the device, along with its respective star rating (below). Nevertheless, we feel strongly that you should also consider the following before using this service.

The reviewer of this service installed the necessary programs on his device in order to give a review. When he completed using it, he naturally uninstalled the app as he did not have use for it. When this was done, he received a call from someone at Pumpic, who proceeded to ask him questions regarding the un-installation of the the service.

We then reached out to the Pumpic team regarding the situation as we found it somewhat alarming. After seeking clarification, and in turn expressing concern, Pumpic did not seem to directly address our concern, but advised it would not share the information with other parties or use it for personal purposes.

Considering the nature of this service, and the fact that you need your device rooted, we felt that we should be transparent about our experience so that our readers have all the information before using a product we reviewed.

If interested in using Pumpic  click the link here. If you have used Pumpic tell us about your experience by leaving a comment below.

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