There are numerous educational apps available that can teach you just about anything. However, most of them are either focused on young children or adults. This leaves middle school and high school students almost empty handed. The people over at Knowledge Platform noticed this gap and decided to create an educational game for kids 12 and older to help them with the challenging and boring practice of factoring. Factor Monsters is focused on helping kids learn and enjoy factoring by getting them engaged in fast paced competition.

Correct answer

Factor Monsters has ten levels of different monsters that you must defeat by factoring a given equation before time runs out. As the levels progress, the equations become harder and more complex. The instructions are easy to understand and are displayed at the beginning of every game. The visuals of this game are very appealing, and I love the drawn art of the monsters. The gameplay in Factor Monsters is also fun. The problems start out relatively easy, but become quite difficult in the later levels. To solve the problems, you have to choose the factors of a certain binomial or trinomial There are eight questions in each level and three lives, so you can only miss three questions per level.Level 5 You are only given 12 seconds per question, which gives a sense of urgency to the game. It makes the game more enjoyable, but also much more difficult. The 12 seconds were long enough for the first few levels, but eventually I found myself guessing because I could not do the math in my head fast enough. I wish that the time limit would increase slightly when the problems get harder. If you are not fast at mental math, like me, you may find yourself clicking on answers and hoping they are right. This may cause kids not to learn as much since they do not have much time to think about the answer. Also when you get a question wrong, you are not shown the right answer afterwards. I would like to see this implemented as well so kids could see where they went wrong.Incorrect answerFactor Monsters is also lacking Immersive Mode, which means the navigation bar stays on screen during gameplay. Thankfully it is not too distracting, I wish it was not there. However, these are the only complaints that I have with this game. While the time limit is short, it also makes the game enjoyable because it adds an extra factor. Also, there is a leader board which adds a competitive aspect to the game. If kids get their friends playing, they can compete against each other for the highest score and learn along the way.

What I liked:

  • Fun game to play
  • Easy to understand
  • Sense of urgency and competition
  • Fills an age gap of educational apps
  • Nice visuals

What I did not like:

  • Time limit may be too short for the harder levels
  • The correct answer is not displayed if the question is answered wrong
  • No Immersive Mode

Overall, Factor Monsters is a fun game that actually makes factoring enjoyable. It is a brand new app that was just released February 9 and I imagine the developer is eager to address any problems that arise. If you are looking for an educational game that is fun and fast paced, you can install Factor Monsters for free in the Play Store.

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