Finger vs Farmers: Finger-swiping madness [Review]

Overview –

Finger vs Farmers is a step into the shoes of a God who enjoys toying with his subjects.

Developer: Brutal Studio


  • Graphically nice
  • Free (ads and in-app purchases)

Setup –

Setup for this game is fairly straightforward: download the game from the App Store; launch the application; click cancel to opt-out of any annoying questionnaires; acknowledge the presence of in-app purchases and you are ready to play. Sadly, there is no Google Play integration.

Home Screen
Home Screen

Impression –

If you have ever played either of the previous “Finger vs ***” games you already know what to expect with this latest rendition of the finger-swiping, mean-spirited title that is Finger vs Farmers.

The game is simple at heart, keep your finger on the screen and swipe back and for to both avoid the farmer’s attacks (via pitchforks, chicken eggs, and flying feces aka poop!) and attack him when possible with your giant, god-like finger. After completing each level you gain a number of coins dependent on how much life you have left and how many hits you manage to land on the farmer. You can use the coins to buy power-ups from the store that can do things like heal your wounds and cause more damage to the farmer. You can also purchase additional coins for real money through in-app purchases.


The look of the game is very cute. The colorful landscapes and detailed shadow of the finger against the solid black body of the farmer sets the tone of who you are supposed to attack. The light background music and often hilarious sound effects do allow you to enjoy the game. These joys set aside, the game-play itself I find to be very frustrating. Any time you remove your finger from the screen the game pauses, and dodging attacks while your hand is covering the screen is nearly impossible. The game tends to devolve into madly swiping your finger across the screen and hoping you cause more damage than you take.



  • Graphically well-designed
  • Good sound effects


  • Lack of variety
  • No Google Play integration

Conclusion –

Finger vs. Farmers is a classic example of a developer going with what has been successful. It is a simple remake of titles they have completed in the past. While the graphics and sound effects are cute the gameplay is mediocre and there is very low replayability. If you enjoyed the previous two renditions of this game you will enjoy this one; however, it will not make it into my game rotation.

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