Flee Hearkens Back to Early 90’s Handheld Gaming

We received a tip from FrugalGames earlier this evening about their first Android game, Flee.  After checking out their YouTube video and blog, I was intrigued and decided to download it and try it out. Two minutes into playing it, I was immediately transported back to the late 80s’ where I was usually found face down in a Tiger handheld. Flee looks, and feels like a classic LCD game from start to finish.

I was really impressed with the attention to detail in Flee.  Pressing on the screen looks as if you were really pushing on an LCD display while extended game play yields in dirty buttons and a worn appearance.  The simple graphics and game play are a welcome alternative to the increasingly flashy stuff we’re getting in Android.  The same can be said for the music and sounds which have that 8-bit appeal that today’s youth may never get to know.

FrugalGames created the premise of Flee from the ground up but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it.  Both modes of play feel like an exact port of yesterday’s classics but they assure us these are entirely original. I don’t want to tell them how to runtheir business model, but this seems like a well worth visiting a time or two.  I’d love to see sports games and other original ideas done by them.

You can download a free version of Flee, but I would suggest grabbing the paid version.  For only $1.38 you’ll ditch the ads and pick up additional songs and levels.  You couldn’t buy a used Tiger handheld for half of that price.

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