Fly Worm Fly Android Apps on Google PlayOverview

Like the legendary original that came before it, Fly Worm Fly is simple, yet difficult, tap-to-live flying game, available on the Play Store. The game combines good graphics, decent sound, interesting level design, and simple mechanics into a “how long can you last” contest. But this time instead of playing a hapless hero bird, you assume the role of a hapless hero…..worm. OK?


Simple enough: Download from the Play Store, and open. You’ll be asked to connect to your Google Play Games account, which is up to you.


Again, simple enough: Across a total of 18 missions, you play a mighty flying worm superhero, and you do it by navigating him (ok: or her) left-to-right by repeatedly tapping on your screen. Every tap gives your worm avatar a bit of a momentary flight lift, and you control the amount of lift by the speed and timing of your taps.


The timing of your taps is critical, as tapping makes your worm jump a bit. This is important as contact with ANY surface other than coins or other goodies results in immediate death and re-spawn from your last milestone crossing. Each level does provide a nice level of variety in how you must navigate to their endings.  Knives, explosives, mountainsides….anything and everything that can be touched is fatal, and it’s up to you to fly above, below, and around all of it.

You are scored by how far you get in a given level, in addition to the value of any coins you collect along the way.


Honestly, I did enjoy Fly Worm Fly. It has decent-enough graphics, sound, and level design to make one want to do better next time. It can be simultaneously fun, aggravating, and addictive. Which isn’t, in the end, what any of us want of our games anyway?

The major discount to it is that mechanically it’s not much different from a lot of other very similar games currently available. That said, I do encourage you to download give it a try!

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