Forget iTunes, I doubleTwist!

Not an illusion

Let’s face it.  We may be Android users, but there was a time when the glitter of Apple appealed to all of our senses.  We may not have had the thousands of dollars we needed to purchase the latest and greatest Apple toys, or even a used one for that matter.  Nevertheless!  A way was provided for us to join in this Apple revelry at no cost to us.  We could join the rank of iTunes users for all our media player needs.  Now, I use an Android phone, and doubleTwist fulfills my musical needs.

So crisp and clean

I, like many others, jumped on the Apple band wagon with iTunes.  It is still my default player to this day.  I am not ashamed; they make a brilliant media player that has only gotten more brilliant as they have shed all their licensing mumbo jumbo.

The real icing on the musical cake for me was comparative.  I compared my iTunes to the dregs of media player society: Cell phone music players.  Though I tried as hard as I could to use the players on my last two Android-less phones, they left a bur in my boot, instead of a beat.

iTunes does not work on Android, as is common knowledge.  Thankfully, Android developers put their heads together, and decided to copy all the functionality of iTunes, and call it doubleTwist.  Where the name came from, I have no idea.  But this app is pure genius.

On your PC, you download their media player and it then mirrors your iTunes player.  Music library, podcasts, videos, playlists you name it, they took it off your iTunes and loaded it into their media player.  From there, you can load up playlists, podcasts, or pictures to your Android phone, just like it was an iPod or Newton (Google it), or other Apple product.  They also have an array of other devices they support: cameras, Blackberries, etc.

The player on the phone is splendid.  It has a clean interface and is smooth like butter on my HTC Evo.  You can sort you music by artist, albums, songs, or playlists.

Download here.

I am so used to a non-touch ipod that this system is very refreshing.  The app runs well in the background, and has no problems opening up from my notification menu.  When I get a call, it pauses the music for the duration of the call and restarts when the call ends.  Wonderful.

You are probably pumped right now, and loading up your handset to download this app immediately, but wait, there’s more!

doubleTwist does not add the iTunes store, or the genius feature, but they are busy in other areas.  Amazon MP3’s and the Android Market built right into the PC interface for your pleasurable usage.  Can life get better?  I submit that it cannot!

Phone Interface

There are a few minor downsides that I can see to doubleTwist.  The first, being, that it works rather slowly when first initializing and copying your iTunes library.  This isn’t a bad issue, since most of your time will be spent using the phone version, which works quickly.  The second, being a rather elitist issue, is having to download Internet Explorer 8 to use the Android Market.  Lastly, my podcasts did not import, so I had to sign up for them again and re-download.

As I am writing this article, I just glanced at doubleTwist on my other screen and it said “Scanning iTunes” at the bottom.  This love affair is complete with the fact that it automatically checks your iTunes for updates to playlists and the like.  I am going to have to give this my Android Essential rating, because a good music player is essential to enjoying your super phone.  The app is currently free and in its “beta” stage.  I would definitely drop my Five dollar a week budget on this once they take it out of beta.

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