There are hundreds of math games found in the Play Store, but Funb3rs brings a challenge that I have not seen in those other games. Funb3rs in a 2-player math game where your addition, critical thinking, and quick judgement skills are put to the ultimate test. You are presented with a 4×4 grid of numbers ranging from 1 to 9. At the top, you are given a target number that you need to reach. Dragging your finger across each digit will add up all the numbers, and your goal is to add up numbers to reach the target number. After reaching the target number, another number for you to reach is generated. Each game has three rounds and the scores from each round are added up to determine a final winner. The concept is simple, but the two minute time limit and often large target numbers cause you to have to think several numbers ahead. Similar to Scrabble, there are some numbers that increase the value of numbers and chains. Also, you are given different power-ups that can really help you get ahead of your opponent.


After playing Funb3rs for a few days, I have really enjoyed it. The graphics are okay, it is nothing spectacular to look at but it does not detract for the game at all. The gameplay is challenging which was a welcome surprise since I thought the game would be simple. The competition from other players is also very intense. I have only won a few times and almost every game has been extremely close. However, since the game is relatively small, there are not many active users. So I constantly find myself playing the same people over and over again. This is a minor quirk because the game is still fun and more people will join as the game grows. Another dislike I have with Funb3rs is that there is no option to play as a guest and you are required to sign in to play with other users. This would not be too bad if I could sign in with my Google account. Unfortunately, you are only given the option of signing in with Facebook or creating a Mixel account. I am one of the few people who does not have a Facebook and creating a Mixel account just gives me another username and password to memorize. My last complaint is with in app purchases. This is by no means a pay to win game, but I do not like the way IAPs are handled in Funb3rs. Each one costs $1.11 and does a different thing. There are several that give you in-game power-ups, but there are others that remove ads and add features to the app itself. Buying all the non-powerups would cost you $7.77 and there is no option to make a one time purchase at a discounted price.

With all this in mind, Funb3rs is still a fun game that gives a challenge I have yet to encounter with other games. If you want to check Funb3rs out, you can grab it for free in the Play Store.

What I liked:

  • challenging gameplay
  • unique idea
  • intense competition

What I did not like:

  • small number of users
  • no option to play as a guest
  • no Google account integration
  • In app purchases can get expensive.

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