Naked Wing (Quick Connect Co., Ltd) is a very, very simple platforming game.  You play the role of a recently-deceased chicken whose time has apparently not yet come.  You are sent back from the feathered pearly gates to some kind of poultry purgatory.

This netherworld takes the form of a giant, never-ending vat of fryer oil.  The platforms are various food components floating in said oil; everything from whole potatoes to loaves of bread.  The idea is to to tilt your device left and right to maneuver your chicken across these floating foodstuffs.  You receive 1 point for every one you touch.  The goal is to score as many points as possible by touching as many food items as possible.  Your game ends when you either:

  1. Touch the hot oil between these small food islands,
  2. Touch the intermittent hot oil geysers that erupt from time to time,
  3. Are whacked or impaled by various giant kitchen utensils that drop down from the sky as you cross this fried-food apocalypse.


And that’s about it for game play.  Once you make contact with any of the above, your point total is shown on a game-over screen and you are given the options of starting over or going back to the main menu.


Of course, there are certain power-ups available, such as as protective bubble that gives you 2nd chances upon contact with the bad stuff, and what I can describe as “SPICY-AGGREGATING TURBO BOOST”, where upon inhaling a chili pepper icon you blast forward, collecting all available points in your wake.  When this pepper boosts ends, you continue on your way as before, just with about 30-40 points quickly added to your score.

The immediate feeling I had upon playing this game is that it feels like you’re in an endless loop of a Bowser’s-castle level in Super Mario Bros.  For my 5-year old, this game looks like a winner; for an adult, it is a fun little platformer but loses steam quickly.  Though given it’s free for the taking, it will reside in my device for the time being until my 5-year old loses interest.

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