Aspiring physicist or just a student looking to learn more about astrophysics? Fusion is an addicting game that makes learning fun.

The game starts where you are in control of creating your own universe by colliding the elements together. These reactions create larger elements and raises the temperature of the core of the star. Be careful and move quickly because the star is constantly cooling. You goal is to get the temperature to the top of the thermometer to complete the level.

As the elements are flying across your screen be quick to pair them together to create the reaction. The game isn’t fantasy, it’s based upon real astrophysics. The reactions in the game are somewhat representative of how they happen in reality, building elements through fusion.

Some of the highlights of this fun, addicting, and challenging game are that you can create 110 different elements and isotopes from Hydrogen-1 to Uranium, unstable isotopes will decay into more stable isotopes, and create rare isotopes via neutron capture.

After creating your star, you get to play through a star’s full life cycle from birth until death. If you are lucky, you might even be able to die in a massive supernova. The route a star takes during life to death is different every time ensuring a fun game experience that will never get dull. When your star dies, new stars are formed.

The game doesn’t end there though, you are able to expand your universe. You can create up to 17 different star and remnant types including all types of dwarfs, giants, supergiants, nebulas, neutron stars, quark stars, and black holes. Fill up your galaxy and new galaxies will form. Be creative though because you can customize the name of each galaxy and star.

A future update will allow players to track which elements and isotopes they have made on an interaction periodic table of elements.

Fusion is a free app that is ad-based on the Google Play.

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