Google’s Scoreboard App is a Winner

Reviews App and Game Reviews Google's Scoreboard App is a Winner

It took all of ten minutes for me to decide that Google’s latest Android application, Scoreboard, will replace all three of my Plusmo apps.  In fact, I even had to log onto my My T-Mobile account and remove my sports updates.  Why?  Because Google handles all of this, and more, for me in one nifty app.

Upon opening the app for the first time, you’re greeted with tiles for the major sports of NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB, WNBA, and CFL.  In addition to all of these, you also have a Favs icon.

It’s possible to handpick your favorite teams from each sport and group them together in one convenient location.  It’s now possible for me to check the Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Cavaliers in one spot.  You can also manage alerts such as quarterly scores, end of games, and my favorite… after each score. I used to have T-Mobile send me a text alert at the end of every quarter for the Browns and Packers, but now I can get individual updates.

It’s super easy to pull up standings and box scores as well as game information.  Long pressing the game tonight for the Cleveland Browns, I found what channel the game was on and where it is being played.  Swipes from left to right bring new dates and scores and schedules.

Users are encouraged to longpress and swipe.  According to the Tips and Tricks built into the app, anything that can be pressed, can be longpressed.  The app seems to be loaded with features and possibly hidden stuff too.  Knowing Google, there is bound to be a few gems hiding somewhere.  In fact, an easter egg for soccer has already been announced.

I’m not surprised to see an app this handy come from Google.  I am glad it showed up on Android first as Apple has been getting first crack at a handful of Google features and services lately.

If you wanna grab your copy of this new app, head to the Android Market.