Managing your money can be a pain in the rear. Especially if you carry both cash and a debit or credit card. Obviously there are a slew of apps that allow you to keep track of your balance on your card(s), usually provided by the bank of your choice. When it comes to trying to keep track of how much cash you have, it isn’t as easy.

Quibu, from the folks at Simpleloop, is a free app on the Play Store that allows you to keep track of your cash on the go. You can, of course use this to manually keep track of all of your funds, but it’s usually easier to just use your bank’s app to keep track of your transactions. Since your bank can’t keep track of your cash, and you don’t want to whip out that big stack of cash in public, you’ll need something else.


Once you get through the easy installation and set-up, it will allow you to check your finances at a glance. When you first start the app up, you’re greeted with a number pad. This is where you’ll enter the starting cash balance that you have, and you can even add those obnoxious coins in your pocket, if you’d like.

After you’ve added your starting balance, you’ll be shown a drop down menu where you pick where your balance is coming from. When picking from this selection, be a bit careful. The first three are “Income” selections, while the remaining options are there for you to categorize your expenditures.


After you’ve got Quibu set up, the next time you open the app, you will be presented with three tabs and the “hamburger” over flow menu. Overview, List, and Add are the three tabs, and allow you to manipulate your income to your needs.

Overview will show you a graph of your income and expenses, making it easy to see how much you’ve spent. List, will show off everything, from income added and what type of income it was, to your expenses and what type those were. The Add section is just what you would expect, and allows you to add or subtract money if need be. The overflow menu, on the left hand side, allows you to further tweak Quibu to your desire.

From here, you can edit the various categories, whether they are Income, Expenses, or Inactive categories. You can even “pull” a report of your income by picking either ‘Income by Category’ or Expense by Category’ and a date range. Once you’ve selected which report you would like to run, you are presented with a screen that looks like the Overview and List tabs, combined. This will show, and list, every transaction made so that you can get a general overview for the time frame that you need.

What We Like
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Customizable
  • Able to quickly enter expenses
  • Able to pull income or expense reports from data
What We Don’t
  • No true intro screen explaining what everything does

All in all, Quibu may sound funny, but if you need a way to quickly, and easily track your finances, this may be the app for you. Combine the easy to use interface, with the fact that it’s free, and you have a home run. So hit the Play Store widget below and check it out.

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